Welcome to London Guided Walks, your one-stop shop for history and heritage.  Whether you are revisiting London or you’re a lifelong resident, there’s always something new to discover with our walking tours and treasure hunts.

London is a city of intrigue, with hidden gems waiting to be discovered by every walks of life.

London Guided Walks offers Londoners and visitors a rare opportunity to connect with the city’s history through engaging guided walks and private tours delivered by passionate and qualified tour guides. London is a city of intrigue, with hidden gems waiting to be discovered by every walks of life. Let us share our city with you.


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You’ll love London Guided Walks if you’re looking for an authentic and informative experience that will help you fall in love with London a little bit more. Our walking tours are perfect for Londoners and visitors who want to make a stronger connection to the city.

  • Step back in time on one of our London walking tours
  • Get to know London’s lesser-known stories
  • Learn about the locals, London’s micro-culture, quirks and history


We offer a range of private tours as well, perfect for special occasions or small groups. Let us show you the secrets of London’s unique neighbourhoods and share insider tips on where to eat, drink, and shop. Book a private tour.

There are many ways we can help you and your friends or family members make the most of London. From taking a walking tour that specialises on off-the beaten path sites, like those dealing with history, to going on a treasure hunt through some of London’s unique areas. Our smartphone photography tours will help you level bag those Instagram worthy shots. 

Our passionate tour guides will take you on an informative and entertaining journey through the city, revealing it’s hidden secrets and giving you a unique perspective on its history and culture. We aim to deliver insightful and well-prepared guided walks and private tours with genuine enthusiasm and professionalism.

You’ll never run out of ways to rediscover London. From history buffs who love finding hidden gems off path and unique locations only known personally by locals. Our London guided walks offer an in-depth exploration of the city’s hidden past. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides will ensure that your experience is unforgettable, no matter whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a fun day out. 

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