Women In Medicine: a Private Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through Euston and Fitzrovia, a tour that weaves the extraordinary tales of pioneering women with the rich medical history of this distinguished London neighbourhood. This walking tour not only celebrates their enduring legacies but also allows you to soak in the exquisite architecture and atmosphere that define this area.

90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Private walking tour

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Our adventure commences at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital on Euston Road, honouring Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, England’s first qualified female doctor. Her remarkable narrative, from confronting societal resistance to becoming a medical pioneer, is nothing short of inspirational.

We then honour Louisa Aldrich-Blake, the trailblazing woman who became the first to qualify as a surgeon in a male-dominated field. Discover the adversities she overcame and the significant milestones she reached in her career.

Venturing into Fitzrovia, we arrive at the Wellcome Building to uncover programmes designed to inspire young girls towards careers in science and medicine, highlighting forward-thinking initiatives that aim to shape the future landscape for women in these fields.

Exploring further, we delve into the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing of University College Hospital, where we revisit Anderson’s groundbreaking contributions that forged a path for future female medical professionals.

At the Cruciform Building, once known as the North London Hospital, we reveal an interesting link to Agatha Christie. Unravel the stories from her time here, adding a layer of mystery to our tour.

A fascinating detour leads us to General Francisco de Miranda in Fitzroy Square, where we uncover the astonishing story of Margaret Anne Bulkley. Bulkley’s life, lived under a male guise to pursue a medical career, challenges our perceptions of identity and ambition.

Moving into the modern era at the Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, we explore the life of a woman brain surgeon who practised during the Second World War, showcasing her incredible contributions under the duress of conflict.

Our historical exploration brings us to Cleveland Street, site of the former Middlesex Hospital where Elizabeth Garrett Anderson began her medical education. Discover the early challenges and experiences that moulded her path to success.

The tour takes a poignant turn at the John Astor Nurses’ Home, where we pay homage to a nurse whose sacrifice exemplifies the profound impact of nursing on healthcare.

Concluding at the Fitzrovia Chapel, the sole survivor of the Middlesex Hospital, we admire its stunning architecture and reflect on the legacies of these exceptional women, whose lives were devoted to the advancement of healing and medicine. Join us for this enlightening tour, a tribute to courage, resilience, and achievement.

Your Guide: Sylvia McNamara

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