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Roman London Tour

Explore Londinium
  • See hugely impressive remains
  • Learn how Roman London was created and deserted
  • Qualified City of London guide
90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Private walking tour

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Discover the history hidden beneath our feet.

Explore London’s origins on this ninety-minute tour through the heart of the Roman city. We will look at both hugely impressive remains, and intriguing smaller parts of Londinium that most people just don’t know about.

Roman London was a huge trading post. On this private tour we’ll be looking at both its impressive remains and intriguing histories that most people don’t know about. We will look at why the city grew where it did, meet some of its inhabitants, and find out how it later became almost empty. It is truly fascinating!

We will look at why the city grew where it did, meet some of its inhabitants, and find out how it later became almost empty.

The sheer size of Roman London was truly impressive. Come along and discover the monumental history hidden beneath our feet.

Start: Tower Hill | End: Guildhall
Your Guide: Ian McDiarmid

Roman London Tour Reviews

Ian was most welcoming and encouraging, with a very solid knowledge of the subject that was presented in a way engaging and entertaining. He demonstrated a concern for both traditional interpretations and what new archeology and historical interpretations have brought into the student Londinium and the period that followed. I would recommend this tour for anyone seeking a grounding in the origins of London and to understand the long impacts of Rome’s empire on the shaping of the city and of Britain more broadly.
Ian was very welcoming and engaging, instantly creating a rapport with the group. He knew an incredible amount of information and talked about it interestingly and entertainingly. I learned a lot, and especially enjoyed his talk on the Roman baths at Billingsgate – I will definitely go back there for another visit – and also about the basilica and forum around Leadenhall Market. Ian was great at answering questions, and always repeated them so the whole group could hear. It was the right pace for me. All in all, a superb walk and an excellent guide.
Excellent guided tour of Roman London. The guide was very knowledgeable and spoke with clarity, making it a very interesting and worthwhile few hours. Would definitely recommend it.
Excellent insight into the Roman past. Easy to miss things without a guide and explanation. Ian was superb and easy to listen to and happy to answer questions. Highly recommend this walk and then maybe a visit to the London museum. As the saying goes, “what did the Romans ever do for us?” Plenty it seems and the genesis of London.
This was excellent and a great way to start getting out and about again. It was quite a revelation about the beginning of my home city. Our guide Ian was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly and approachable. I’m fired up to find out more about Londinium and am intending to visit the Museum of London soon.
Ian McDiarmid is a knowledgeable historian. He guided us through London’s Roman historical places, which had full of surprises, in very engaging way and easing comprehending way.
Really fascinating walk telling me quite a bit I didn’t know about Roman London. Ian, the guide, was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient with questions. Recommended!

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