Philip Scott

Philip Scott

I moved to London from Lancashire, where I grew up, in 1981. I love living in London and sharing my passion for and knowledge of this wonderful city’s rich history, culture and diversity.

Qualified City of Westminster Tour Guide Badge

After teaching politics, history and other humanities subjects in east London for 33 years; I transferred the skills I acquired as a teacher to become a qualified tour guide in 2019 (City of Westminster qualification).

I really enjoy guiding people around London, not only the main sights but also parts of central London that are off the main thoroughfares. My walks are delivered in an informative, friendly and accessible style. As well as the more obvious information, I like to share little-known and slightly quirky nuggets.

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Explore the many nasal passageways of Soho and the West End including art installations and body bits.
Looking for a more personal experience? Get what you really want from your London trip with a bespoke private tour.
Discover the home of the British Monarchy.
Explore London by night on this private guided Christmas tour, when we walk among the illuminated streets in all their glimmering splendour. We discover hidden passages, fashionable Mews and meticulously decorated designer shops accompanied by historical stories of those shopping and living in the area.
The area of Whitehall is brimming not only with iconic London locations but with hidden histories which will even surprise and delight Londoners!
This is a private walking tour uncovering the secrets of St James’s, an area known for its connection to Royalty and the aristocracy since the reign of King Henry VIII.
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