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Susan Baker

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Susan has worked in the City as a Chartered Accountant for over 25 years.

Even with so much knowledge under her belt Susan loves to discover new things and telling Londoners and visitors alike tales of the people that have lived here.

Susan’s private walking tours explore hidden places which many guide books simply just don’t cover.

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Private Heretics and Horrors Tour
It's time to take your rose-tinted history specs off....and see the real history of London.
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Blackfriars Private Tour
Discover the best of Blackfriars in the City of London on a private tour from Roman London to present day.
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Great Fire of London Private Tour
Time to step into your time machine and venture with us to the year of 1666.
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Regents Canal Tour
Discover the less explored area of London along the Georgian Regent's canal on a private tour.
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River Thames Private Tour
Learn the use of the river Thames and the London which has grown around it on this scenic private tour. Find out more >>
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Secret Spaces in the City Private Tour
If you thought the City of London was just stone, concrete, steel and glass be prepared to be surprised.
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Read Susan's Reviews

November 7, 2021

Susan was a very informative guide and I thoroughly enjoyed this walk. I learnt a lot about an area of London which I thought I already knew but Susan’s knowledge really impressed me. I would highly recommend this walk to anybody!


Had a lovely time for 1.5 hrs. with Susan who was very good and informative about the fire of London. I would recommend this tour to others, time well spent.


Fascinating walk around the area and sights of where the great fire took place. Susan the guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. Showed us some things that we would have walked past without looking! I’ve been on several walks with this company and all have been very good. 90 minutes went quickly but afterwards you can retrace your steps and see more or take more time yourself. Monument to the fire has 311 steps (not part of the walk) and open on Sunday so maybe come early and do this first or last. The walk is fairly brisk in order to see as much as possible but someone had a child in a buggy and it was easily done.

Lourdes and Mario

Amazing walk, really interesting.Susan was lovely


Very educational and surprising to find such gems in a busy environment that I would normally ignore. Reimagined church spaces and talks of guilds. Great tour!


We had all kinds of weather for the walk – strong winds, rain and a bit of sun – but that didn’t faze Susan who was an excellent guide. I saw places I haven’t seen before and I know the City pretty well. Despite the weather I really enjoyed the walk and look forward to more walks from Susan and Hazel.

Very educational and surprising to find such gems in a busy environment that I would normally ignore. Reimagined church spaces and talks of guilds. Great tour!

Not being too dampened by the inclement weather, we all set of to explore the secret( but not to me anymore) spaces in London, ably guided by Susan. As always, it did not surprise me that I do not know this great city of ours as well as I thought, as we visited green space after green space which I had never ( apart from the Postman’s Park)seen or heard of before, we even ended up in someone’s back garden!! If you want to find some secret spaces to take a rest and relax in, then I can fully recommend this tour.


Although it was raining as we started the walk Susan our guide managed to be so informative and interesting that it didnt seem to matter! I had had no idea of the history and hidden gems of spaces in this part of London and the walk opened it up for me so much. Although we were often very near traffic noise which was also amplified by the noise of traffic in the wet, the sound system that Susan used meant we had no trouble hearing what was said. We both enjoyed it so much that we are determined to return to some of the spaces to reflect and revisit some of the history and green spaces that were opened up for us.


A very interesting walk. Susan, the guide, showed us many places that i had never noticed before and told us the fascinating stories behind them.


Susan was a very friendly guide with lots of history knowledge about the secret places where we stopped. She had to compete with a buzzing helicopter overhead for most of the walk and kept going despite the distraction. A very enjoyable walk around this part of London.