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Suffragettes Private Tour

Step back in time with our immersive 90-minute private walking tour, following the footsteps of the powerful women who championed the fight for equality.
90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Private walking tour

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Step back in time with our immersive 90-minute private walking tour, following the footsteps of the powerful women who championed the fight for equality. In the heart of Westminster, you’ll encounter the poignant landmarks and historic sites where the Suffragettes, armed with their enduring motto ‘Deeds not Words’, waged their relentless campaign for women’s suffrage.

This deeply moving private tour, led by our qualified guide, is more than just a journey through the streets of Westminster; it’s a voyage through history, celebrating the courage and tenacity of the Suffragettes who changed the course of women’s rights. Experience the echoes of their deeds, their words, and their legacy as you traverse the city they fought to change.

Your private tour includes seeing iconic Westminster Abbey and Houses, of Parliament both standing majestically which serve as the backdrop to our journey through the Suffragette chronology, starting with the daring Suffragette bombing.

Get to know pioneering suffragist, Millicent Fawcett, whose statue boldly stands as the first and only female figure in Parliament Square. Unravel the narrative of her tireless campaign for women’s voting rights, that pre-dated the militancy of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU).

Strolling towards the Houses of Parliament, a gothic marvel constructed with little consideration for women, we’ll uncover the hidden stories of the Ladies’ Gallery, the backdrop of numerous protests and marches led by the intrepid Suffragettes.

See the statue to Emmeline Pankhurst Statue in Victoria Gardens, a tribute to the courageous leader of the WSPU. Hear the personal stories of Emmeline and her daughters, Christobel and Sylvia, and learn about their unyielding determination to secure votes for women.

See the home to the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). Discover how the militant actions of the Suffragettes boosted NUWSS membership and the private tensions that arose between the two groups.

As we continue towards the Suffragette Memorial Sculpture, we’ll delve into the deeper reasons for the memorial and learn about the incredible sacrifices and suffering endured by Suffragettes, revealing a history beyond militancy.

Learn about an important hub for the Suffragette movement. Here, the Suffragettes would regroup and plan their peaceful protests in response to the King’s Speech, as well as organize fairs and marches.

Learn about a symbol of the Home Office’s 1910 brutality against women. This location holds a poignant reminder of the arduous march of 1915, “The Right to Serve”, and the subsequent debates around women’s suffrage that continued into 1918.

Your Guide: Kirstie Shedden

Suffragette Tour Reviews

Cathy & Geoff
This is a fascinating historical walk around Westminster and featuring the history of both the Suffragette and Suffragist movement. Although some of the buildings seen on the tour were very familiar the history of their association with Votes for Women is less well known. Kirstie, our guide, was very well informed and put over the long history and struggle for Women’s votes very clearly which is no mean task as the buildings and monuments necessarily could not always be viewed in chronological order. It helped that the weather was excellent as the walk was outside and Sunday appears a good day to go as it was less crowded if there are no other events in the area.
A very pleasant walk around Westminster some of it into the quieter interesting areas. Kirsty had lots of information I wasn’t previously aware of. Would recommend.
I so enjoyed this walk, Kirstie was such an interesting and knowledgeable guide. I used to work in the Westminster area and found I had walked past spots so many times without knowing their story. Good to see women’s history in the spotlight.

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