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David Turnbull is an accredited guide with the Lambeth Tour Guides Association. A former chef, he has worked in the kitchens of many restaurants, clubs, and casinos in London’s West End. He was, for many years, a national officer for a major UK trade union, with responsibility for hotel, restaurant, and bar workers. As part of this role, he also held office in both the European and global trade union bodies for hospitality and tourism.

He is a writer of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy fiction with over 150 short stories published in magazines and anthologies. He is the author of “Husks,” a near-future dystopian novella set in London, and “The Dragon Breath Chronicles,” a middle-grade fantasy featuring dragons and airships. His collection, “One Hundred Predictions,” consists of one hundred flash fiction pieces of one hundred words or less in the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres. He was the 2023 winner of the Wilson’s Tales of the Borders flash fiction competition.

His stories have been performed at live events in London such as Liar’s League, Solstice Tales, and Virtual Futures. He is a founding member of the Clockhouse London group of genre writers and a regular non-fiction contributor to the online horror and paranormal magazine Spooky Isles. As a regular contributor to Gravestone Press Horror anthologies, he hosts “Tales from the Gravestones,” an online event that combines talks about London’s magnificent seven Gothic cemeteries with readings from Gravestone Press authors. His associated blog is called “Things That Go Bump in My Mind.”

He is keen to explore the many connections between London and fantastical fiction, whether novels, TV series, or movies. His monthly blog, “Lambeth Fantastical,” looks at the connections between the borough and the various strands of these genres.


A huge fan of Doctor Who since its first episode in 1963, his Doctor Who guided walk of Waterloo and the Southbank takes you on a journey through the times and relative dimensions of the series and the area itself. Come with him to discover strange new worlds.

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