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Winston Churchill’s London Tour

A journey that beautifully encapsulates the life of a man who shaped history
  • See the sights around Westminster
  • Follow in the footsteps of Winston Churchill
  • Qualified guide
90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Private walking tour

Book with confidence:

Join us on this unforgettable private walking tour of Winston Churchill’s London, a journey that beautifully encapsulates the life of a man who shaped history.

Embark on a private tour into the heart of London, a city forever intertwined with the life and legacy of Winston Churchill. Guided by your qualified London guide, Maggie Coates, traverse the corridors of history to understand this towering figure’s connection to the city, particularly the district of Westminster, where he lived, worked, and is now remembered.

Journey back in time to the places that played a significant role in Churchill’s life, from the Palace of Westminster, the stage for his most riveting speeches, to the quaint St Margaret’s Church, where he exchanged wedding vows. This exclusive walk will offer insights into Churchill’s political career, his two terms as Prime Minister, and the rare honour of a Lying In State and State Funeral – events that were deeply etched in the annals of London.

In Parliament Square, stand in front of Churchill’s statue, a monument with a story as compelling as the man himself. Learn about its controversial beginnings and triumphant unveiling, then stroll to the Old Yard of the Palace of Westminster, where World War II was declared. Here, we delve into the era when Churchill became Prime Minister, and the indomitable Blitz spirit was born.

Our journey continues to the statues in Parliament Square, revealing Churchill’s friends and foes, adding layers to the complex tapestry of his life. Then, hear about the Churchill War Rooms, a museum that narrates the gripping story of Churchill’s war years spent plotting the future in a hidden bunker.

As we approach 10 Downing Street, feel the weight of history. It was not only Churchill’s home during his prime ministership but also his residence when he served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Here, we’ll recount his triumphs and tribulations in office.

Our tour concludes at the Battle of Britain memorial, a testament to Churchill’s long and sometimes surprising involvement with air power and technology.

Your guide: Maggie Coates

Your guide: Philip Scott

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