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I’m Jenny Funnell, and I am thrilled to be your qualified City of London Guide. More than a profession, guiding is a calling for me. I find incredible joy in sharing the City of London with you, whether you’re a local or a visitor, and introducing you to aspects you’ve perhaps never seen or even heard of.

For me, it’s not just about the physical landmarks; it’s about the enthralling human narratives interwoven into the very fabric of this ancient City. Whether you’re drawn to grand architecture or you have a curiosity for the people who have shaped our community—be it through politics, business, or culture—I aim to offer you an experience that is both broad and deeply engaging. I like to take a look into the lives of influential figures—each of whom has left an indelible impression on the course of our City’s history.

Currently, I conduct several themed tours that encapsulate various aspects of the City’s history and culture. These include:

Pioneering Women in the City Private Tour: This walking tour offers an in-depth exploration of the stories, contributions, and challenges of remarkable women who have shaped and been shaped

City Highlights Private Tour: This is your all-in-one journey through the Square Mile, where you’ll discover both iconic landmarks and lesser-known treasures.

Roman London Private Tour:  Here, we transport ourselves back in time to the era of Roman rule, tracing the remnants of a past that has shaped our present.

Financial London Private Tour: Explore the fascinating financial world in the City of London and discover the connection between coffee, cash and commerce. 


But that’s not all! If you have a specific area or topic you’re passionate about, let’s collaborate. I’m more than happy to create a bespoke tour that caters to your interests. While I do appreciate a bit of advance notice, the challenge of crafting a tailored experience is something I truly enjoy.

So, if you’re keen to uncover the diverse layers of the City of London’s past and present, I would be delighted to be your guide on this exploratory journey. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries or to set up a tour tailored just for you.


Read Jenny's Reviews

Jenny's "Heretic & Horrors" tour was a terrific, well designed, historically detailed introduction to The City -- via its histories of persecution and imprisonment -- for my group of university students. Recommended!
I would like to commend Jenny for being a superb tour guide on the Private Roman London tour. Jenny is knowledgeable, friendly, patient and extremely well versed in her topic.The tour started at the Roman walk near the Castle where Jenny went into the history of Roman London so that the artifacts could be seen in context. We then moved to see further sections of the wall where photos of modern London could be framed by the ancient Roman wall. We walked towards the place where the Roman baths had been discovered and Jenny went into detail bringing Roman culture and daily living to life. We moved towards the river where she painted a picture of life on the River 2000 years ago. We then moved away from the river towards Leadenhall market and the Guildhall. Once again Jenny explained the relevance of each place. Although, like you, I had done my research before booking the tour there is no way I could have brought Roman life in London alive in the manner that Jenny did. I highly recommend her and this tour.
A fascinating and informative walk of the compact area of The City by Jenny our very professional and enthusiastic guide! Jenny made history come alive and is to be commended for her extensive knowledge and great sense of humour The City is not just dull finance but a lot more inspiring than one would imagine. Highly recommend!
Our tour guide was exceptional—professional, clear, and engaging throughout. The tour was a revelation, uncovering historical gems easily overlooked in our daily commute. An amazing journey through time, making me appreciate the rich history behind familiar places. Highly recommend for a fresh perspective on the city's heritage.
Splendid tour. Absolutely superb.
Kim F
Jenny our guide for the City of London was so inspiring. She was able to give so much detail about the financial side of the city of London including the history of the bank of England and the Royal exchange. I especially enjoyed the description of the Guild hall, Temple bar and the plaques on the wall of the Postmaster graveyard describing people who in Victorian times had saved people's lives often losing their own.
Janet G
Jenny was full of interesting information and stories, lovely and fun to hang around with. Time passed without even noticing. Great experience, thanks Jenny!

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