Financial London Private Tour

  • Explore the fascinating financial world in the City of London
  • Discover the connection between coffee, cash and commerce
  • Explore narrow alleyways & world-class architecture
  • Ian McDiarmid, a qualified City of London guide and ex-Trader
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90 min linear tour

Not step-free

Private walking tour

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Coffee, cash and Commerce Tour

Explore the heart of the capital’s financial markets.

Walk down narrow alleys where the deals done in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries propelled London to pre-eminence.

See how the markets established then – equities, bonds, commodities and insurance – are traded now, and why they are vital to the UK’s economy.

Get to know some of the individuals and concepts which created today’s financial backbone of the City.

Step-free route available. Please request in comments upon booking.

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Your Guide: Ian McDiarmid