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Financial London Private Tour

  • Explore the fascinating financial world in the City of London
  • Discover the connection between coffee, cash and commerce
  • Explore narrow alleyways & world-class architecture
  • Ian McDiarmid, a qualified City of London guide and ex-Trader
Walks last 90 mins
Not step-free
Private walking tour

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Financial London Private Tour

Our private Financial London Tour offers a unique and personalized experience of the capital’s financial markets. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll explore historic alleys that witnessed the historic transactions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, paving the way for London’s rise to global prominence.

This is the perfect tour for business schools, corporate teams, and professionals in the finance industry who want to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the financial markets. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussions, and gain valuable insights from your knowledgeable guide.

Uncover the beginnings of what became the complex and dynamic world of financial markets. Hear about some of the prominent individuals responsible for creating and amplifying the financial backbone of the City.

Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate web of transactions that take place in the stock, bond, commodity, and insurance markets, and their impact on the UK’s economy. Discover the innovative concepts and ideas that have led to the development of modern finance, and how they continue to shape the global financial landscape.

Whether you’re interested in the history of finance, the current state of the markets, or the industry’s future, our private Financial London Tour is the perfect way to explore the heart of the capital’s financial district in a personalized and informative way; a must for anyone who wants to understand London’s financial markets and their impact on the world. So, let’s embark on a journey of discovery through the heart of London’s financial district.

  • Explore the heart of the capital’s financial markets
  • Stroll along historic alleys that helped London rise to pre-eminence in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
  • Explore the current trading of vital markets – equities, bonds, commodities, and insurance – and their significance to the UK’s economy
  • Learn about the creators of the City’s financial backbone.
  • Ideal for corporations, business schools, and professionals in the industry
  • Start: Near the Gherkin | End: Bank Junction
  • A step-free route is available. Please request in comments upon booking.
  • Maximum group size: 30
Your Guide: Ian McDiarmid

Your Guide: Jenny Funnell

Financial London Private Tour Reviews

Ian’s tour of London as a Financial Centre not only is an eye-opening, deeply enriching encounter with the principal financial institutions (and their history) of the City but should be recognized as a public service. It was a remedial education in fundamental urban/national economics for me, and the most edifying 90 minutes I have ever spent. This level of understanding of the role of the financial services industry in London’s (and thereby Britain’s) history and politics should be considered a normative requisite to attaining proper adult/citizen status. At the very least, Ian’s tour should be made into a documentary widely available to schools and the public alike.
The best tour ever! We attended the ‘London as a Financial Centre’ walking tour on a hot July afternoon and absolutely loved it! Our guide Ian McDiarmid was amazing – he met us all at the designated spot, went through the rules, and we set off on the little adventure through the maze of narrow streets, learning so much about historic and contemporary financial London. He had so much knowledge; he was pointing out different banks, explaining origins, development and roles in the overall financial structure; he threw in many anecdotes, curious stories and even origins of some common modern phrases. He easily directed and enchanted a group of 18, and we did not notice how 1.5 hours flew by.
A very knowledgeable guide who led us round many important sites in the development of the financial system that happened in London, which lead the world. He clearly explained the development of bonds, shares etc and we experienced the narrow alleys of London were it all took place and viewed the magnificent architecture of the financial institutions involved. He used a microphone on the walk thus it was easy to hear and went at an easy pace in speech and walk. If you want to know how London has come to be the centre of the financial world this tour is for you. Enjoy.
Ian is an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable, unhurried and thoughtful. We really enjoyed this walking tour through the City of London on a financial whistle stop tour. We both learned a lot about the inner workings of the City and the importance of our financial status within the world’s economy. Would highly recommend this tour and will be looking at others by the same tour group ‘London Guided Walks’.
Ever wanted to know the origins of the phrase ‘hear a pin drop’ or understand the history of underwriting? This tour gave us a brilliant history of London as a financial centre – presented by our guide, Ian, in a very informative, engaging & humorous manner. London has a rich & interesting history and I feel I gained so much knowledge as a result of 90 minutes on this tour. Highly recommended for anyone interested in London, history or finance.

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