This is a private walking tour uncovering the secrets of St James’s, an area known for its connection to Royalty and the aristocracy since the reign of King Henry VIII.

Hear about some of the scandalous events that occurred over the centuries in the exclusive area of St James’s on your private tour.

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90 min walking tour

Involves a couple of steps

Private walking tour

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Secrets of St James’s Tour

Scandal is something that intrigues everyone. The press feeds the headlines with the news on events that have typically erupted from greed, lust, or the abuse of power.

Today the media regularly reports on these that involve both a political or Royal sphere.

On your private tour you will look at some of the scandalous lives of the privileged few who lived in their opulent mansions, as well as those that socialised with the elite. They hardly set a good example to those less fortunate.

Your Guide: Mark Unsworth