Hazel Baker – London Tour Guide

CEO & Founder of London Guided Walks.
Award-winning London Tour Guide and qualified CIGA guide.

Hi I’m Hazel. I am an active Londoner, a keen theatre-goer and qualified CIGA London tour guide. I set up London Guided Walks as a hub for those who love London to come together, be it passionate and experienced guides or those living or visiting the city who want to get to know it better.

For over seven years I have been delivering public guided walks, private walking tours and treasure hunts in London to Londoners, visitors and corporates.

Factual storytelling is at the heart of what I do. I aim to deliver a unique London experience to all. I have delivered nearly 1,500 guided walks, private tours and treasure hunts in London.

I am proud to have won awards for my tour guiding and to be involved with some great organisations. I am a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors and am an honorary member of The Leaders Council.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have been an expert guest on Channel 5’s Walking Wartime Britain(Episode 3) and Yesterday Channel’s The Architecture the Railways Built (Series 3, Episode 7). Coming soon: Arte.fr and Endemol programmes.

I am available for launch events, restaurant, afternoon tea and book reviews and also radio and TV interviews.

Please check out my guided walks and private tours below.

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Hampstead Private Tour
Discover the beautiful London village of Hampstead with your very own private tour guide.
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Soho Private Tour
Explore the many nasal passageways of Soho and the West End including art installations and body bits.
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Blackfriars Private Tour
Discover the best of Blackfriars in the City of London on a private tour from Roman London to present day.
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Private Heretics and Horrors Tour
It's time to take your rose-tinted history specs off....and see the real history of London.
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Victorian Covent Garden Tour
Discover the mindset of Victorian Engineers, entrepreneurs and workers in the area of Charing Cross and Covent Garden.
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Christmas Instagram Private Tour
Want to learn to take better photos from your smartphone? Come and capture the Christmas season with our smartphone walks.
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Bleeding Hearts Private Tour
Time to take your rose tinted history specs off....
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Bespoke Tour
Tailor your London tour Looking for a more personal experience? Get what you really want from your London trip with a bespoke private tour.
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A Road to Ruin Private Tour
On this alcohol-themed walk where we discover an ancient drover's road which led to riches for some and ruin for others.
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A Christmas Carol Private Tour
Explore the streets and landmarks Charles Dickens knew so well and who wove into his work most famous Ghost Story; A Christmas Carol
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Christmas Lights Private Tour
London's Christmas Lights are recognised for the artistic inventiveness across some of the city's most iconic Streets.
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Private Tour
Explore the streets of Covent Garden and Soho as described in Stevenson's novella, Curious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
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Full Day London Private Tour
This full day introductory tour is perfect for first-time visitors.
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Georgian London Private Tour
Discover Georgian London, a time of speculation, squalor and satire in an area with a long and changeable past.
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Greenwich Instagram Private Tour
Want to learn to take better photos from your smartphone?
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Half Day London Highlights Private Tour
Make the most of your first visit to London! This introductory walk is perfect for first-time visitors.
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Haunted London Private Tour
Join us on this night walk and hear tales which will give you a chilling thrill!
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Historic Pub: Covent Garden Private Tour
Come along and explore six of the best and most interesting Covent Garden's historical pubs with us.
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Instagram Private Tour
Want to learn how to make your Instagram posts pop? Want to learn to take better photos from your smartphone?
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Oliver Twist Private Tour
Follow in the footsteps of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger on their final leg of their journey through London.
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Royal London Private Tour
This tour covers two royal palaces, historic buildings, and areas used by modern Royal Family.
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Southwark Private Tour
Southwark was once a mecca for miscreants who enjoyed its taverns and theatres, brothels, and bear-baiting.
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Street Art in Shoreditch Private Tour
Explore the street art on the colourful streets of Shoreditch.
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Victorian Christmas Private Tour
Delve into what makes a Victorian Christmas and explore well known traditions which may be older than you think.
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Wonders of Whitehall Private Tour
Uncover the lost Tudor palace of Whitehall and discover Medieval London to present day.
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Fantastic Beasts Tour
The perfect walk for the young and young at heart to enjoy the wondrous sights of the City whilst enjoying a quirky animal-adorned history.
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June 9, 2022
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Fantastic. Hazel is passionate, funny and engaging – everything you need from a walking tour. My work team loved it!

Harriet C
October 28, 2021
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Horror and Heretics London Tour

Fantastic private walking Horror and Heretics tour for 4 of us in London. Our guide was timely, friendly, helpful, knowledgable and fun. We all would definitely do another one. It was so interesting. I worked in London for 14 years and never noticed an of the things that were pointed out and the stories that went with them.

Stephen Dunn
July 10, 2021
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Oliver Twist brought to life!

Hazel literally brought Oliver Twist to life. This walk concentrated on chapter 8, following the footsteps of Oliver from The Angel pub in Islington to the likely lodgings of Fagin in Farringdon. The tour provides a snapshot of London in 1838 when Dickens wrote the story. It’s fascinating to discover why the Regency terraces of Pentonville Road had such long front gardens, and contrast it to the cramped, barely living, conditions of the ‘Rookeries’. Hazel’s engaging style detailed the implications of herding cattle through the streets to Smithfield meat market and why you might pay someone to cross the road. It made me think differently about pollution before combustion engines, the smells, noise, customs, and why the late Victorians sanitised certain street names.
As we twisted through the allies and streets Oliver’s narrative, Hazel enriched and contextualised Dickens’ London, it really was a great walking tour.

July 8, 2021
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Road to Ruin

We went on a private guided tour called Road to Ruin. Hazel was our guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our 90 minutes with her. She was very knowledgeable and entertaining and could answer all our questions. There were four of us and we all felt it was good value for money and time well spent. We would go on another of these tours at the drop of a hat. Would highly recommend.

Philip W
May 21, 2021
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Victorian Memories

It was a pleasure to meet up with Hazel for an informative walk around the Charing Cross and Covent Garden area. The walk lasts about 90 minutes and although reasonably short in distance takes in numerous places of interest and homes of famous Victorian residents. Hazel imparts her local knowledge in a lively and interesting manner and encourages questions from walk participants. Thoroughly recommended.

December 24, 2019
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Fantastic Christmas Carol Tour

We went out with Hazel for a Dickens’s Christmas Carol tour on Christmas Eve with our three teenage boys. Hazel was both very knowledgeable and entertaining. The time sped by and we loved every minute of it. A fantastic way to learn more about London’s history and to discover lesser known areas. Highly recommended

Verity R
November 8, 2019
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Private Tour

We joined Hazel in Westminster to begin our tour. Hazel was a wealth of historical and architectural knowledge proving interesting and insightful facts along the way. We as a small group really enjoyed the tour. It was easy to access pretty much flat. Hazel was happy to provide a few detours of things we were interested to see. We finished in a fabulous little restaurant for lunch. I highly recommend if you’re a history geek like me. I certainly will be looking forward to joining another tour soon.

Ian A
October 25, 2019
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Victorian Covent Garden walks

Have now done two walks and I have been so impressed. Hazel is a superb guide, very knowledgeable with a lovely personality. The time passes so quickly and it is so good to learn so much and see out of the way places. These walks are good for tourists and seasoned Londoners alike as everyone will benefit. I highly recommend these walks and will hopefully be going on many more.

Sue R
October 24, 2019
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Best of Blackfriars Walk

London Guided Walks are a great way to see London. Hazel ran the guided walk around Blackfriars and opened our eyes to things that we would normally walk by without a second glance. She is warm and friendly and immediately put the group at ease. She communicates in an engaging way and her use of a microphone means that everyone can hear. We learnt about the history of the area as well as some of the more curious facts – the King’s Wardrobe area being one of them. Highly recommend the walk.

Lisa N
October 11, 2019
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Very entertaining and so knowledgeable

All the tours are fantastic. I’ve been on almost 10 of them and I felt that I had learned a lot on each of them. Hazel is incredible: she knows aa great deal and has a wonderful way to communicate her knowledge : she is funny, she is friendly, she’s a lovely person.
Although she’s not the one responsible for the financial tour, I highly recommend the tour: the guide is such an expert on the financial district and of London as a financial center that you get so much interesting information that you almost need a second tour! It really is a very good value for your money.

September 13, 2019
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Warm and knowledgable

Had a fantastic tour with Hazel. She is very knowledgeable, personable and very open to answering questions. She showed us things that we wouldn’t have noticed and we got a different perspective on London, despite the fact that we have all lived there at some point! She also did a little personalized piece about a restaurant we were surprising our friends with too. Great service and responsiveness beforehand as well. Thanks Hazel!

Daniel L
September 20, 2019
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Greenwich Treasure Hunt

We had an amazing time on Hazel’s treasure hunt in Greenwich. Not only is it a fantastic way of seeing a beautiful part of London but it was also great to make you examine parts of Greenwich you’d otherwise gloss over. A fantastic afternoon!

July 31, 2019
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Heretics and Horrors (the walk, not the walkers)

A ramble round the city, at a comfortable pace, brought to life by an amazing guide. Hazel has a wonderful way of explaining; her vivid descriptions of sometimes gruesome details of the past are delivered with humour and wit. This lady is a superb communicator!