Oliver Twist Walk

Experience Victorian literature come to life. Would you be able to survive in Victorian London?

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90 mins linear walk


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Imagine stepping back in time to 1837, when London was a bustling city and not so different from today’s metropolises. You see people walking down the street with their heads held high as they go about business; some might be talking on cell phones while others chat amicably among friends or family members catching up after being apart for awhile… But what would your life look like? How could you fit into this new world that is so unlike ours here today! Would YOU survive?”

Highwaymen roamed the roads exiting Victorian London, ready to pounce on anyone who crossed their path. A dark and dangerous place at night with Highway men waiting in the shadows just looking for an opportunity make off with your valuables or even kill you if they had no intention of taking anything from you alive.

This Oliver Twist walking tour follows the footsteps of Oliver Twist and Artful Dodger as they make their way through London to reach Fagin’s lair, just like in Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist.”

You can’t be too stealthy in London, especially if you want to avoid being caught by the police. The Artful Dodger and Oliver would have needed this skill when they headed into Fagin’s lair at night-time on their way home from work!

  • Start: Angel Tube Station
  • End: Farringdon Station
  • Suitable for all age groups. Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Oliver Twist Walk Reviews:

“Very interesting and informative. Hazel was exceptionally knowledgeable and made the tour all the more enjoyable.” Nick


“Please Sir (or in this case Mrs), may I have more?? Well, in this case, it was my third guided walk with Hazel, and yes, I did and how!! She may pick a pocket or two, but to be honest, for the pleasure of the walk, she can do it anytime. At least I know where Fagin’s lair is, so, I can get my bits back anytime. What more can I say, though ” I am reviewing the situation” I will be going back for more.” Gary

“Hazel’s enthusiasm and knowledge makes her tours a real treat. I very much enjoyed how Hazel made the links between the facts and the fiction relating to this Oliver Twist walk (and all the other snippets along the way!) Highly recommend London Guided Walks.” Louisa


“Hazel is remarkable: she combines a fantastic in-depth and detailed knowledge with an ability to bring the Victorian Era to life.” Peter


“I have been on several walks with Hazel and always greatly enjoy these fun and informative events . This was the first time I had visited the Angel area and will most certainly return to further explore . The Oliver Twist walk followed the journey of Oliver and the Artful Dodger from meeting and finished by the One Tun pub in Farringdon . The walk was my husband’s first and he really enjoyed the history-he was rather shocked by workhouse horrors ! We will be looking forward to more wonderful walks.” Shirley

“This was a great way to learn about this part of London. We found Hazel a very interesting and fun guide with genuine passion for entertaining us all. This is the first London walk I have done and am now looking forward to doing more. ” Tracy


“The Oliver Twist tour was very interesting and informative and delivered in an entertaining way through the streets of Islington and Farringdon following the journey of Oliver Twist into the slums of Victorian London. It was fascinating to hear Dickens’ words whilst standing in the same places that inspired him to write the story. I would certainly recommend this and other tours with the same organisation.” Helen

“Hazel never disappoints! Her knowledge and capacity of keeping her “audience” entertained is second to none. Yet another interesting and compelling walk with plenty of anecdotes about London, Dickens and Oliver Twist. Looking forward to my next one!” Simonetta


“Such an interesting walk. Hazel is an excellent tour guide: clear, interesting, very knowledgeable and very good at engaging her audience. This walk took us on Oliver Twist’s journey into London with the Artful Dodger. It was full of information about the history of the area from Angel to Farringdon – its past as a last stop before Smithfield for cattle drovers, its variety of housing, Dickens’s relationship with Grimaldi, the Fleet River, and the slums at the end of their route, and so on. Pubs, shops, streets and squares all swam into focus like a TV documentary. Channel 4 or the BBC should snap her up!” Gillian

“A delightful and informative walk with Ace Guide Hazel. So many insights into Victorian society and attitudes towards the poor, good and evil in people, how it compares to our behaviour today. I can dine out on these stories and anecdotes for months! The tour ended at The One Tun pub, described by Dickens as the haunt of Bill Sykes, now the purveyor of good beer and delicious food. Yes reader, I tried it out!” Jan

“Hazel was an excellent guide. Very informative and walked at a good pace. Great to see new areas of London and learn new things. Would go on another walk with them again.” Rosie


“I really enjoyed this guided walk. The 90 minutes flew by as Hazel successfully combined literature, social history and actual locations. She is an engaging person and a knowledgeable guide who was thoroughly prepared. I actually started reading Oliver Twist again when I returned home, which is a massive compliment to our guide Hazel. Thank you” Sigi


“Another excellent walk with Hazel. I always come away having learnt so much and having been fully entertained and absorbed for 90 minutes. Combine this with her Georgian London walk and you really learn a lot about the history of an area which in my case I have hardly visited before so I am very grateful for the experience. The duration is just about right and no time is wasted. Everyone should try at least one of Hazel’s walks as you will not be disappointed.” Ian

“You do not have to be a fan of Oliver Twist to go on this. It covers Dickens and lots Victorian generic history. As a local, I was particularly interested in the walking route from Angel to Farringdon.” Emma


“Excellent interesting walk only spoiled by pouring rain, but she still managed to get us some dry spots to stand under. I would recommend this to others.” Wendy


“A very interesting walk, following the path Oliver Twist would have taken into London…..great descriptions of the times, Hazel made the streets come alive. She is knowledgable and personable. . Would recommend her walks.” Anne


“Very interesting walk that included the socio economic status of the area. Some illuminating facts about Dickens and his upbringing.” Sharon


“This was a very enjoyable walk and was full of historic titbits as we travelled at a leisurely pace around Dickens’ haunts. It was fascinating to be taken to parts of London that hold so much history and to learn about what stood there before being supplanted by luxury buildings. Hazel was a top guide and this was my third walk.” Julie


“FantasticWalk lot of knowledge a lot of stories.” Yael


“This was a thoroughly entertaining tour. Hazel is a fabulous tour guide who is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. She has inspired me to want to read the book as I’ve only seen film and TV versions. Also, Hazel painted vivid pictures of life in those times, which for many people was truly terrible. As she said at one point, these things should not be forgotten.” David

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