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Wonders of Whitehall Walk

A popular guided walk around Whitehall introducing you to the hidden histories of Whitehall. Uncover the lesser known history of the area.

Explore the historical district of Whitehall see the iconic Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, uncover the secrets behind notorious British monarchs and marvel at world-renowned architecture.

  • Discover Medieval London to present day
  • Follow in the footsteps of Pepys, Ian Fleming and Winston Churchill
  • Qualified London guide
90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Individual tickets from £15

Book with confidence:

Retrace the Tudor palace of Whitehall and see the steps to nowhere.

Immerse yourself in the history-rich commentary presented to you by your tour guide Hazel.

Explore what Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela have in common, visit filming locations used in blockbuster films such as ‘Harry Potter’, James Bond Skyfall and Da Vinci Code.

  • Start: Westminster Station
  • End: Horse Guards Parade
  • Suitable for all age groups.
Your Guide: Hazel Baker

Wonders of Whitehall Walk Reviews

Hazel is an excellent tour guide, full of really interesting facts about Whitehall and around the Westminster area. She made it interesting by not doing the obvious and she made the walk fun and engaging. I would highly recommend this walk and will look out for other walks that she hosts. She is very professional and seems to enjoy her work.
As always, a tour with Hazel is a treat to cherish. Will Westminster every “look” the same? Certainly not! What a gift to see the past, great palaces, great dramas, and even newly noticeable trivialities (little corner railings to inhibit adventitious urinations or sculpted dolphins with scales) where previously one-dimensional practicalities predominated and prevailed!
Thoroughly enjoyed the walk. The tour guide Hazel was exceptional. She delivered so much information with passion and humour. Highly recommend.
Super informative guiding from Hazel. Ninety minutes of the historical marvels to be found around Westminster. Delivered with energy and whimsical humour. Recommended.
Wanders of Whitehall walk this Sunday with with Hazel was an absolute pleasure! Despite the heat we covered so much from the palaces that disappeared under the modern government buildings, King’s wine cellar that was moved in one peace to beheaded royalty and so much more! Hazel’s light and humorous approach made it all the more interesting. She has such a vast amount of historical information in different periods and parts of London and is always happy to answer any questions. Many thanks! Have recommended to all my friends.
Definitely learnt new things about Whitehall and hazel was a fantastic knowledgeable host. Would definitely go on her tours again. A lovely day.
Informative and very friendly tours! Conversational and not just throwing facts at you. Much enjoyed it, and would go again!
A fabulous guided tour of Whitehall by Hazel. I worked in that area for 16 years and there were still lot’s of interesting things that was pointed out that I didn’t know. I would recommend this walk and talk to anyone.
Another excellent guided tour and we couldn’t ask for a better tour guide. Even the damp weather couldn’t spoil the fun. I thought it was amazing how many hidden gems there are surrounding Westminster which we all walk past so often or don’t even notice. I won’t give them away. Go and explore for yourself. One of the best guided walks I’ve been on. Highly recommended.
Another super walk with Hazel. Paced just right, with the fascinating history of the area. Would recommend.
A really enjoyable experience. Very knowledgeable and fun guide, who really brought the area and history to life. Exactly the right balance of info and fun facts. Would def recommend to everyone – probably better for Brits or people a bit familiar with London, who will get the most out of it.
I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend Hazel’s tour. She showed us the main attractions and some unusual ones, recounted a lot of history, and still managed to stay off the beaten track on a beautiful, sunny and otherwise touristy day. Very interesting.
Fascinating tour led by Hazel. Great to discover new quirky details about an area I thought I knew well. Thanks.
An excellent guided walk. I find these walks so informative and entertaining with all the facts that the people on the walk contribute. I asked Hazel about the name of an architect from a walk I had been on hers a couple of years ago and she remembered the name and actually pointed out the college that he attended which just happened to be on our walk. Amazing.
We loved this guided walk. Hazel is such a warm and friendly guide. The tour is at just the right pace for adults and children and Hazel is so informative. We learnt so much about this area of London. I would recommend it!
An excellent guided walk with a very informative and entertaining guide, Ian, and I just wish I could remember all of the historic dates he mentioned during the course of the walk!
Such an interesting walk and in beautiful sunshine too! It was the second walk we have been on led by Ian and yet again he was not only superbly informed, full of interesting extra anecdotes and facts but also humour which I find helps to embed the information. I am so encouraged by the amount I can remember afterwards and how it leaves me so awakened to the city I was born in and its history. I also value his insight into the effects of various historical events not just the details of them. I was impressed by Ian’s awareness of the group and the pace of our walk for all in the group. He made sure that everybody could hear well at each stop which is essential in a noisy central London.
A really wonderful walk with such an interesting guide. Ian had so much knowledge and imparted it with a light touch. The buildings we looked at were magnificent and the background detail made it all come alive. I would do any walk that Sian was leading in the future. A great day out.
Informative and eye opening.
Always learning interesting facts.
Wonders or wondered? I had often done the latter when walking around London, today was the day all my prayers got answered. Guided by Hazel, the amount of background info given (how does she recall it all) was astounding and delivered in a joined-up manner to the history of Whitehall, much of which I was completely unaware of, and on occasions completely blind to some of the things I should have looked up at but had never done until this tour. Fantastic tour.
Hazel was a wonderful way of taking you round a familiar place and showing you things you never knew. Excellent.
What a delightful walking tour with cheery and well-informed Hazel! Would highly recommend it, learnt so much about The Wonders of Whitehall and opened my eyes to the lesser-known history of the area. Really hoping to join Hazel again on another adventure!
Hazel the organiser made a truely enjoyable session, taking us on a wonderful informative walk, 90mins showing us parts of London that thought as a Londoner would know, and also bits of history not known. A really interesting and enjoyable afternoon. Can’t wait till the next one.
On a sunny but cold afternoon, Hazel our guide took our attention away from the chill with her fascinating walk and talk about the buildings of Whitehall and their history. We started by observing the restored clock of Big Ben and learnt why the hands are now blue and not black as they seemed to be in the past, we studied the Paul Day statue to honour those who took part in the Battle of Britain, then stopped outside the Ministry of Defence building which was formerly Henry VIII’s Whitehall Palace while she recounted numerous stories about its former glory, then to the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall, built by order of the new King James I and designed by the architect Inigo Jones, with the macabre irony that the King’s son was executed here in later years by Cromwell. It is not possible to detail every site and story that constituted this 90 min journey, but everyone, including myself, thanked Hazel for such an enjoyable walk and talk.
We learnt a lot. We think we know London and we are always surprised to discover we still have a lot to learn! Great walk.
Another excellent walk. Really enjoy London Guided Walks as the guides are so engaging and really know how to maintain interest by providing a great deal of information. They are so knowledgeable and very little time is wasted. As with previous walks the amount of actual walking is quite minimal and so anyone with mobility issues may well cope. I thoroughly recommend these walks for the reasons given but particularly because they are such a good way of learning more about lesser-known parts of London. Finally, the walks last about 90 minutes which I feel is just about right. Will look forward to seeing Ian and Hazel again soon.
Although I worked right by this area for over 20 years it is amazing what I had missed, Hazel brought it to life with her enthusiastic knowledge and storytelling. A well-experienced guide – she knows where to station her group to get give them the best view of any area without causing blocks at busy sites. The tour starts at Westminster Station and finishes near Trafalgar Square lasts about 90 mins covering the beginnings of Whitehall with Henry V111 up to modern-day memorials. She also packed us off with ideas for more things to explore in the area once we left the group.
Another great informative walk with Hazel.

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