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A Christmas Carol Walk

Explore the streets and landmarks Charles Dickens knew so well and who wove into his work most famous Ghost Story; A Christmas Carol.

  • Unique and authentic walking tour
  • Navigate the narrow alleyways of old London
  • Qualified London tour guide
90 mins linear walk
Involves 12 steps and cobblestones
Individual tickets £15

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We explore the streets and landmarks Charles Dickens knew so well and who wove into his work most famous Ghost Story; A Christmas Carol.

Join us on a 90 min tour of the City of London where Ebenezer Scrooge lived and worked. Even though the spartan offices of Scrooge and Marley are never precisely located clues are hidden in the text which help us track the business down.

Accompanied by a professional guide, learn about the social and political history of this area as reflected in the most famous ghost story ever written.

  • Start: Monument Station
  • Finish: Bank Junction
Your Guide: Hazel Baker

A Christmas Carol Walk Reviews

“This walk a great walk with a fantastic, knowledgable guide. Hazel really knows her stuff.”
“A Great Experience”
“The walk through the streets and narrow alleyways of the City was so interesting and a very useful way to contextualise my understanding of Dickens’ most famous Christmas story. Hazel was very friendly and knowledgeable and patiently answered all of our questions.”
“My friend and I loved this walk. Hazel took us through snicketts and alleyways and filled us with fascinating snippets of information. She was entertaining and very knowledgeable. We will definitely be back for more walks.”
“A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Our guide was able to extend her enthusiasm to all joiners and she was extremely knowledgeable in the subject. I have worked in The City for more than 25 years and was able to experience new alleyways and walkthroughs that I never knew existed. Highly recommend.”
“I hate Dickens but really enjoyed this tour. Hazel has a phenomenal knowledge of Victorian London. I’m tempted to try her other tours.”
“Entertaining and interesting tour given by a very congenial guide. She kept us amused and informed without being too heavy handed about things. We had an added bonus of an outdoor Christmas concert in Leadenhall Market given by a Classical Quarter entertaining the drinkers and diners there.”
“Lots of nice touches on this walk – humbugs, an appearance from Scrooge. Heather conjured up the days of Charles Dickens and took me to all sorts of places in London that I’d never been to.”
“A wonderful evening spent in the company of Hazel who is very knowledgeable and upbeat. My partner really enjoyed seeing parts of the area he didn’t know existed and the appearance of Scrooge and the humbugs were wonderful unexpected delights as was the Christmas music being played in Leadenhall Market.”
“This was my fourth walk and have now come to expect a high standard and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Hazel is a superb guide always interesting, informative and especially engaging. So much information was given and I just loved seeing places that Dickens would have known. Who would have thought that meat hooks would be so interesting but when shown an engraving from the era in Leadenhall market it was if they came to life. I just loved the narrow passageways that have hardly changed over the centuries. The appearance of Scrooge was a nice touch as was the humbug sweet! When walks are linked to a novel as this was you really want to go back and read the book. I can’t recommend Hazel’s walks enough and will certainly go on many more .”
“I really would recommend this walk. The guide was not only knowledgeable but had a real way of connecting with her audience whatever age they were and whatever historical knowledge they had. She really brought things to life including a surprise appearance by Scrooge himself. It certainly livened up our Christmas Eve.”

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