Georgian London Walk

Explore a Georgian London village in Clerkenwell


  • Authentic different guided walk
  • Admire Georgian architecture and town planning
  • Qualified Clerkenwell and Islington tour guide
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

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For some, reputation is everything. Now a world leading performance venue Sadler’s Wells and it’s area has had a long and changeable past.

The Georgian period was considered to be elegant and polite. A new type of society had emerged in Britain; a more free, diverse and enlightened society.

On this London walking tour, Hazel will take you back to the days when the surrounding area had a raucous reputation and see how it transformed from a place to be avoided at all costs to a most desirable postcode.

Explore Georgian North Clerkenwell on this guided walk, discovering tales of radicals and clowns, see great London Georgian engineering feats from engineering to town planning, in an area where Georgians came to play and be entertained.



Georgian London Walk Reviews:


“Great walking tour of Islington and Angel (off the main busy roads) by Hazel – she was great at engaging everyone on the tour and sharing her expert knowledge. Leant all about the Georgian ways of life, architecture, businesses and New River and Sadler Wells theatre. Highlights for me were the easily missed “Peelers'” graffiti and the Islington tunnel which the Regents canal travels down. Very informative!” Angela



“An interesting circular walk taking in the Georgian history of the area with the social and architectural details. Hazel is a knowledgable and fun guide and a bit of rain did not put off the enjoyment.” Geoffrina


“Hazel is a terrific guide and provides a really interesting insight into the Georgian period of life in London. She is extremely knowledgeable and communicates Her subject passionately. Lots to discover! I was particularly interested to see how astute she was about securing the live time information about a film shoot that was taking place en route – great for photo opportunities and an added treat to an excellent afternoon.” Alastair


“This was a very informative walk talking about Georgian London around the Angel and Islington, 90 minutes, more talk than walk just so you know. Really well done.” Sue


“Hazel the guide was brilliant. So informative. Thoroughly enjoyed despite the weather.” Brenda


“Really interesting and insightful tour with the wonderful tour guide Hazel. Highly recommended” Alice


“A very informative and interesting guided walk with Hazel on a wet Saturday afternoon. I will be looking out for Mylne’s windows from now on!!” Helen



“Once again a fantastic walk with Hazel. I had no knowledge at all about this area and was fascinated to hear all that Hazel had to tell us. Hazel is a brilliant guide who is obviously passionate about her subjects. Highly recommended.” Cathy T, Hammersmith



“Despite the weather proving extremely cold I really enjoyed this walk. Hazel was passionate about the history of this part of London but also brought in contemporary references. I learned a lot of interesting things and will definitely go back to this area to explore in my own time. Hazel was able to conjure up bygone eras in a fascinating tour.” Kathryn R


“From the outset it was easy to find the welcoming and effervescent Hazel. On a bright and blustery winter’s day there was just the right amount of walking and looking, and stopping and listening. Hazel’s knowledge of Islington, and indeed London history (and current events) went well beyond the subject of the walk; you learnt a lot without it feeling like a lecture. It was easy to talk with other people in the group, so you got another set of perspectives on London. Whether you were a Londoner born and bred, or a temporary visitor, there was something for everyone. All in all, a great afternoon out.” Barbara D


“A very informative and interesting guided walk. Hazel really opens your eyes and gives you a a new perspective on an area. Good pace and just the right amount of information to keep it interesting. Definitely recommended.” Mary F

Your Guide: Hazel Baker