Walks in October

September is a great time to explore London on foot. With the leaves changing colour and the weather cooling down, October is the perfect month to take a walking tour of the city. This October, we have 33 different walking tours scheduled, each with its own unique focus. Whether you’re interested in the history of the financial district or want to learn about some of London’s most famous monsters, there’s sure to be a tour that’s perfect for you. So dust off your walking shoes and come explore London with us this October!

Half-term offers guided walks such as Great Fire of London walk for younger audiences, Jekyll and Hyde walk for GCSE English Literature students, Financial London walk for business students, and Scientists and Monsters walk for future scientists and inventors.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to come on a walk at dusk or evening, including our ever-popular Heretics and Horrors walk and part II walks Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts.

With so many different London guided walks happening this October, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. So grab your favourite outdoor shoes and come explore the city with us!

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