Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Walk

Most of the London locations mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novella are set in Soho.

Even though fictional, there are places in the West End where we can see which match the description. This guided walk includes excerpts of the book which students are welcome can read out – it really helps recreate gothic London.

Throughout this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Walk learn interesting facts about Robert Louis Stevenson and draw some parallels with his other works.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Qualified London tour guide
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

Individual tickets from £15

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson is a novella in which setting plays an important feature. The novel is set in London and draws heavily on Stevenson’s knowledge of his hometown Edinburgh to create a chilling setting which emphasises the themes of good and evil.

GCSE students welcome. Suitable for all age groups. Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Walk Reviews:

“Just about one of the best walks I have ever experienced. Hazel’s knowledge is delivered with an unassuming confidence borne of a tremendous passion for history sifted with an amusing, astounding and passionate insight. Her appraisal of Robert Louis Stevenson alone was worth the trip.” Robert

“As usual Hazel who took the tour, was entertaining and made it very interesting with lots of facts about the characters in the novella. Plus taking us around Covent Garden and Leicester Square pointing out properties featured in it as well. Look forward to the next one.” Elaine

“Having been on a Hazel walk a few years ago which focussed more on the general history of the area and the contributions of eminent Victorians, this walk was a great opportunity to now learn about Robert Louis Stevenson and the ‘Gothic’ influences we otherwise just walk past. Once again a very informative and enjoyable walk with fascinating facts.” Sarah and Tony

“Very enjoyable walk, so easy to hear Hazel with her microphone. Interesting and learnt lots of things I didn’t know. Well done!” Nicole

“This was a really good walk and a nice group of people. Hazel is an excellent guide. Very interesting and informative and I gained a good understanding of Robert Louis Stephenson. I really recommend this walk.” Stephanie

“Interesting walk with a Gothic theme. Hazel is always such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide and I found out a few new things about an area that I walk through frequently.” Jenny

“Interesting tour of back alleys in Covent garden and Soho which conjure up the atmosphere of the time. Quite important to know about the book or have an interest in this period. Guide was easy to hear and follow and answered questions to provide more background. Good tour if new to the area but perhaps needs to be a more general knowledge tour of covent garden and Soho rather than Jekyll and Hyde.” Charmain

“Angela must spend a great deal of time researching her walks before venturing out with her fellow walkers. This new walk is very enjoyable and interesting, as usual, and means one looks at areas of London in a different light.” Ruth

“Informative and interesting walk hosted with characteristic charm. Well worth attending. There was a slightly new twist as it was a walk with a new script. It worked well. It would be even better if the walk took place in twilight/early evening …. but you can’t have everything.” John

“Excellent. A very informative and interesting walk with Hazel. Full of interesting historical facts – delivered with passion and knowledge about the subject and the area in this part of London.” Melanie

“Excellent walk and thoroughly enjoyable. Hazel is a superb guide very knowledgeable and informative and genuinely interesting. So good to see parts of London I didn’t know and have often just walked past. I really like to learn more about the history of the area and in this case link it to a novel, that is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. If this is the standard, and I am sure it is, I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel’s walks. Will definitely be going again and hope others enjoy them too.” Ian

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