Great Fire of London Walk

Discover the journey of destruction of the Great Fire in 1666.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Londoner Samuel Pepys
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Qualified City of London guide
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

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Time to step into your time-machine and venture with us to the year of 1666. Join us as we explore the events which during a few days in September 1666 left so much destruction, forcing Londoners to rebuild their lives.

The City of London was used to fires, but the one that broke out in a bakery in the early hours of Sunday 2nd September 1666 was very different. By the time the fire had died down three-quarters of the city lay in ruins. Hear how the fire started and how it was able to take hold and create so much devastation so quickly. Hear who was blamed for the fire and find out about those who fought to save the city.

Navigate the narrow streets of the City of London on this guided walk and hear how the Great Fire of London was the catalyst for modern building restrictions which changed the face of London forever.

Hear stories of some of the people affected by this devastating event and how others took advantage of the situation. Discover what it was like to experience your hometown burning, never knowing if you would ever go home.

  • Start:  Monument Station
  • End: St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Suitable for all age groups.


Great Fire of London Walk Reviews:

“Susan our guide was very informative and the walk extremely interesting . It was a cold day so as the walk is at a slow pace you need to wrap up well. I love these walks around London as even though I live in Earls Court generally i wouldn’t go wandering around the city etc and signing up to an organised stroll you find out so many things you didn’t know about the history of London. It really is a great City of the world” Meryl

“The meeting place was easy to find and our guide, Susan was already there. After we were given our instructions we set off it flowed very well and Susan seemed to know where everyone was. As it was a Sunday the streets in the City were not busy. There were many stops where Susan explained the fire. We had two young boys on our walk who had studied the fire at school and she was very good with them, answering all their questions. It was a long walk which took time and a lot of the information may have been known to the walkers. All in all a good way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.” Peter

“I took my children and they loved the great fire of London talk. They said that they had covered it before but they loved how interested and excited the host was and how much more detail she gave. Also they loved seeing all the places that they were learning about. It was a wonderful walk and we are already looking into the others that you offer!” Jessica

“Highly recommend, the guide was very well informed, the tour moved at a suitable pace for everyone, and we visited some little known streets, alleys and sights. Plenty of time to ask questions, and no question was silly. Finished the tour at St Paul’s.” Robert

“Easy to locate meeting point and coffee shop directly opposite. Very interesting walk-more walking distance covered than previous walks attended.” Shirley


“It was excellent” Tamas and Kinga


“A very pleasant and informative walk through the City of London, with a knowledgeable guide pointing out useful facts beyond the Great Fire itself.” Gareth


“As usual this walking tour was very interesting. Looking forward the next tour!” Claudine


“It was a very pleasant and informative walk through parts of the City of London. Our guide Susan made us all very welcome and proved a knowledgeable guide pointing out useful and interesting facts about the Great Fire itself and about some of the influential characters of the time. A most enjoyable afternoon. Thank you Susan.” Alan

“Great Fire of London Walk’ from Monument Station- as with all of these walks, learned much from Susan, our extremely well informed guide. I think I know much about our great city until I come on one of these. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to know fabulous details about how much these 4 days changed the face of the City.” Gill

“Interesting, well-paced guided walk with lots of nuggets of historic information. The guide related well to the varying ages and particularly involved the younger audience members. I would definitely go on another walk.” Julie

“This was a group walk, and there were only 9 in the group which made it easy to hear what was going on. The guide was very knowledgeable about the Great Fire. The timings were slick, my train was delayed so texted to alert them that I may be late, I was welcomed on arrival. The hour and half walk was good, and we ended at St Paul’s Cathedral. We walked down little alleys that I did not know about. Definitely worth going to.” Margaret and Patrick

“Fascinating walk and well-delivered. Only issue was the pace which I struggled with sometimes…I have a mild mobility issue. Would recommend these walks to local people as well as visitors. Always something new to learn.” Diane
“Another excellent walk with Ian. How he manages to retain so much information amazes me. I learnt so much about the fire and its aftermath and could see how parts of London have been reconstructed. Ian is always engaging and informative and was pleased that we moved quite swiftly from one place to another and covered a lot of ground from the Fire of London Monument to St Paul’s cathedral. It is always a pleasure to see old alley ways to get a glimpse of London in the past. To keep to schedule Ian touched on some places such as the churches which I should like to visit on other occasions. Everyone should try at least one of these walks as you are thoroughly entertained and educated for the full 90 minutes m. The timing is always spot on and just right. Looking forward to my 10th walk in a couple of weeks.” Ian
“An interesting walk with Ian, a knowledgeable guide. I enjoyed seeing the interesting architecture and hidden signs down the narrow roads he takes us. Despite living in London, every walk reveals new facts and unknown places. Thank you.” Helen

“Taking part in ‘The Great Fire of London Walk’ was a real joy and a great opportunity to discover hidden gems of London. Led by a highly knowledgeable guide, it was possible to learn about the background and consequences of the fire, and gain an insight into the social, political and economic context of the 1660s. Tracing the route where the fire had originally spread and some fine buildings erected in the wake of the reconstruction effort, drew one’s attention to the role of architecture in shaping human life – both in terms of material conditions and aesthetics. Highly recommended.” Jo and Klemens

“This was a really interesting walk, the tour guide was pleasant and very well informed. The walk took us to some great places that I did not know about previously. I would highly recommend this walk.” Cora


“Lovely informative afternoon stroll, we were most inspired and followed up our walk with a visit to the Museum of London after lunch. Susan answered questions from my curious 7-year-old patiently and made it a fun educational trip!” Cindy

“Ian our guide was so knowledgable – it was a very informative, interesting walk which we all enjoyed, despite Storm Jorge’s attempts to spoil the day!” Phillipa and Tim

Your Guide: Susan Baker / Ian McDiarmid