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Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Walk

Discover the darker side of London’s past on our 90-minute guided walking tour through the historic area of Farringdon. Our Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Walk takes you on a journey through the city’s history of gruesome events, murders, martyrs, and public executions.

90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Individual tickets £20

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On our Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts walking tour, step back in time and discover London’s dark and gruesome history. From the relics of an English Saint to the story of William Wallace, and from the murderous mother and daughter team to a London plague pit, this tour takes you on a journey through some of the city’s most chilling and macabre tales.

Join us on this unforgettable journey through London’s past as we uncover the stories that have been hidden for centuries. Whether you are a history buff or just curious about the darker side of the city’s past, this tour is not to be missed.

Despite its violent past, Farringdon and Smithfields have retained their mystery and fascination, with their bloody histories only adding to their allure. Join us on this walking tour to explore the macabre side of London and learn about the stories and traditions that have shaped this iconic aspect of English culture.

If you have an interest in London’s grisly past and the stories of courage and defiance that have been written in its blood, this walking tour is perfect for you. Our expert guide will provide fascinating insights into the city’s history, bringing the past to life with vivid storytelling.

Walking through the streets of Farringdon and the City of London, we will discover the secrets and legends that have shaped this area. From the notorious Bleeding Heart Yard to the site of the infamous Smithfield Market, we will explore the sites of some of the city’s most gruesome events.

The area of Farringdon has maintained a certain allure and mystery that continues to captivate visitors. As you explore the winding streets and alleys of Farringdon and Smithfields, you’ll discover the history of Charterhouse and Charterhouse Square, the stage for many blockbuster films.

You will also explore the history of St. Bartholomew’s Church, one of the oldest in London and the public execution of William Wallace, the Scottish hero whose brave defiance inspired generations.

Explore the site of public executions and hear the tales of countless criminals whose blood was spilt on the streets. Discover the inspiring stories of courage and defiance of those who stood up to the crowds during public executions. Learn about the Peasants’ Revolt and the fight for justice during the darkest times in London’s history.

Your knowledgeable, enthusiastic qualified London tour guide, Hazel, will bring these dark streets to life, sharing rare and fascinating facts and tales about London’s gruesome past. From inspiring stories of courage and defiance to shocking tales of murder and mayhem, this tour has it all.

Book your Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts walking tour today and step back in time to uncover the secrets of this fascinating neighbourhood and its rich past.

  • Start: Farringdon Station
  • End: Smithfields
Your Guide: Hazel Baker

Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Walk Reviews

A Mysterious Murder

Echoes of intrigue linger in the cobblestone streets, where an unsolved mystery shrouds the fate of this noblewoman. Unravel the secrets of that fateful night, where darkness converged with high society, and delve into the chilling enigma that continues to bewitch visitors to this day.


Hidden Gems

This building with Tudor memories stands as a timeless gem where stories and spirits intertwine.

18th century

Anglo Saxon Tales

With stories of suffering going back to Anglo Saxon times, the building you will see is one of only two surviving in London from the reign of Edward I, and dates from between 1250 and 1290.


A Body Found

Unearthed in the heart of Farringdon, the remains of a girl whispered secrets of a bygone era, shedding light on a narrative shrouded in mystery.

18th century

Smithfield Market

A historic landmark nestled in the heart of London, is a bustling epicentre of culinary commerce and tradition. With its origins dating back over 800 years, this vibrant market pulses with the rhythm of butchers and traders, offering an unparalleled selection of high-quality meats and provisions. From dawn till dusk, the market comes alive with the aroma of sizzling sausages and the chatter of discerning buyers, creating an immersive sensory experience that bridges the gap between centuries-old practices and modern gastronomy.



Echoes of the past resonate through the cobblestone paths and ancient architecture, inviting modern explorers to immerse themselves in the rich history and enigmatic ambiance that define this captivating locale.


William Wallace

Journey to the haunting grounds of Smithfield and stand where history's echoes resonate, commemorating the solemn public execution of William Wallace. Immerse yourself in the solemnity of this hallowed ground, where the Scottish hero's brave defiance against tyranny came to a dramatic and fateful end. As you tread upon the very site that witnessed his sacrifice, you'll be transported back to an era of valor and struggle, where Wallace's unwavering spirit continues to inspire generations.


Anne Askew

Hear the gripping tale of Anne Askew's public execution. Amidst the fervour of religious upheaval, Anne's unyielding spirit led her to challenge authority and defy expectations.


St Bart's Hospital and Church

Step into the annals of history and discover the origins of St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Church, a testament to centuries of compassion and healing. Founded in 1123 by Rahere, a courtier to King Henry I. Since its inception, St. Bartholomew's has stood as a beacon of hope, providing solace to the sick and wounded while preserving its rich heritage as one of London's oldest and most revered medical establishments.


Cloth Fair

Amidst the timeworn buildings, life unfolded in a tapestry of contrasts. The pungent aroma of working horses intermingled with the bustling activity of market stalls, while above, chamber pots were emptied into the narrow thoroughfares below.

Early 17th century

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