Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Walk

It’s hardly surprising with its length of history that London is one of the spookiest cities in Europe.

This is a 90 minute Farringdon walk featuring bleeding hearts and body parts, murderers, martyrs & public executions.

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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

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Time to take your rose tinted history specs off….

Farringdon and Smithfields have always been associated with gore and bloodshed. For centuries, these two areas of London were the sites of public executions, and the blood of countless criminals was spilt on their streets. In more recent times, Farringdon has had its fair share of bleeding hearts and body parts. Smithfields has been the site of public executions as well as the stage for a number of blockbuster films.

London’s bloody history is also full of inspiring stories of courage and defiance. During the public executions in Smithfields, many people would come to watch and jeer at the condemned. However, there were also those who would bravely stand up to the crowd and offer words of support and comfort to the condemned. The famous story of Wat Tyler and the Peasants’ Revolt is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there are those who will fight for justice. London’s bloody history is full of both horror and hope, and it is this duality that makes it so fascinating.

Despite all this violence, both Farringdon and Smithfields have managed to retain an air of mystery and fascination. These two areas of London are steeped in history, and their bloody pasts only add to their allure. For those with a taste for the macabre, Farringdon and Smithfields are definitely worth a visit.

If you want to learn more about London’s gruesome past, or are interested in the stories of courage and defiance that have been written in its blood, then book a walking tour with us today. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides will bring these dark streets to life and show you how they have shaped the city we know today.

Start: Farringdon Station

End: Smithfields


Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Walk Reviews:

“Hazel was enthusiastic for her subject as well as being flexible. She pitched the balance between information delivery without overload. Great knowledge of the local area. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.” Richard & Maggie

“We really enjoyed this walking tour. Hazel was very engaging and informative. We learnt a lot and would certainly recommend this tour!” Alison


“Hazel is both an animated guide and knowledgeable historian. She connects little-known facts to weave a fascinating picture of London’s past. Well worth the time!” Bruce


“This was a much more sensational walk than the Dickens one – as was obvious from the title. Hazel had done a lot of research – we passed the Metropolitan archive building, where she had sourced plenty of material. The walk took in gory Victorian murders and Bleeding Heart yard – for both of which Hazel had provided latex body parts! That’s dedication for you! The medieval ecclesiastical past of Farringdon was fascinating, particularly Charterhouse Square and the ancient church next to it. And crocuses on the banks of the Fleet (hence Saffron Street) Who knew? Smithfield Market was interesting in a very different way – its past as a livestock market, and its beautiful architecture. Hazel related really well to the group of walkers, making an effort to draw in the child in the group, and waiting for someone with walking difficulties to catch up – for a personal commentary when the rest of the group had finished the walk. Happy to direct us to trains and cafes at the end of the walk – altogether a very pleasant afternoon.” Gillian

“Had a really good time. The walk was a good length, and even as a local I learned lots of stuff. There was one kid there, which wasn’t a problem, but I felt that the content was a bit filtered for the young audience member. Everyone else was 18+ and I was expecting a slightly more risky gory talk.” Samson


“Great tour learning about Farringdon’s bloody past. Hazel was incredibly knowledgeable and about to answer all additional questions.”Faye


“Informative and immersive. Loved the way Hazel got everyone engaged into the stories.” Karina


“Hazel as always never fails to entertain on an interesting and informative walk around Smithfield and down alleyways you would never normally even notice.” Lynda


  “Very good and informative walk. Hazel was very knowledgeable and entertaining from beginning to end. Highly recommended!” Chiara

Your Guide: Hazel Baker