What is a Silent Disco?

In basic terms it is a disco where instead of 1 DJ playing at a disco, there are 3 playing at the same time. The music is played through wireless headphones and those wearing them can chose which DJ to listen to.  The head sets themselves are comfortable, adjustable with easy to find controls for channel and volume change and have a 200m range.


What are the benefits of a silent disco?

  1. You can’t please everyone – Not everyone likes the same music which means you have a choice of 3 different songs to please more people. I found myself switching from one channel to another when I wasn’t too keen on the tune being played which meant I wasn’t forced to “sit this one out” when I didn’t feel the groove.
  2. You don’t need to shout – if you want to talk to a friend all you have to do is take your headphones off – brilliant, no sore throats the next day!
  3. Re-write the rules – Silent discos can be enjoyed in places which had traditionally been a no-go such as marquees, private homes and campsites.
  4. Indulge your guilty music secrets – we had The Bare Necessities which people were able to confidently bob to (‘cos the other channel listeners didn’t know!)
  5. Dance on your own or with others – I went in a group of 9 girls and we were bopping away with all 3 channels being enjoyed. When there was a big number i.e. Bon Jovi living on a prayer people were singing along, those on other channels were able to switch channels to join in the mass

The role of the DJ at a silent disco

The 3 DJs were great – singing and bopping along to their own tunes, spreading a fun, relaxed environment. A focus on playing music rather than filling the airwaves with their own voice was refreshing.


Top tips for a silent disco:

  1. Avoid wearing earring that will jab into you when wearing over the ear headphones
  2. Wear comfy shoes in order to be able to dance for prolonged periods of time – no need to ‘sit this one out’
  3. Be prepared to enjoy yourself and just let go – don’t worry what channel you are listening to or what moves you are busting – just enjoy it for what it is – a overwhelming sense of freedom.

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