Alastair Hilton

Alastair Hilton

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Alastair is a professional photographer who lives on a narrowboat in London.

His days are filled with photographing people from all walks of life, from individuals starting out on their careers to CEOs of FTSE100 companies and household names on TV and stage.

When not photographing for clients, he loves nothing more than wandering around London, discovering new places, interesting facts and of course, photographing his travels in this great city as he goes.

His passion for photography combined with his love of London makes Alastair the perfect person to take you on a London photography tour, showing you where and how to get great photos on your walks.

Alastair’s private photography walks explore both iconic London and hidden places enabling you to gain a valuable working knowledge of how to take fabulous photos.

Alastair’s private Historic London pubs tours take you into some of the best historic pubs have to offer and will regale you with stories and history facts.

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My second Photo Walk and learned more from Alastair who is an excellent tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient, giving advice and help to the group and individually. I really enjoyed the time and produced some interesting photos Couldn’t believe my smartphone could do so much. Thank you Alastair.
A wonderful walk. Can’t believe the new skills I learnt in the time. Alastair is a fabulous teacher and I now have some really atmospheric photos of the fascinating area around Spitalfield market.
Tudor & Patricia
Alastair’s photography walk around the Barbican was excellent. He is a very good teacher and I learned loads of things I could do with my smartphone. Alastair asked us to download an app called SnapSeed before the walk, and during the walk we learned how to use lots of the SnapSeed functions to edit our photos . By the end of the walk I had an amazing collection of photos and I had also learned how to edit them to make them even better. If you get a chance to do one of Alastair’s walks, don’t hesitate, they are terrific. Thank you, Alastair, for a brilliant afternoon.
Phillipa & Tim
Thank you for a fascinating time – no idea I could achieve such amazing photos on my smartphone!
I really enjoyed the photo walk with Alastair. In a very friendly and relaxed manner he explained features of my phone camera and the photo editing app so that I now have new skills to improve my photography. Perfect pace along with encouragement to look at different angles for photo opportunities. Very happy to recommend!
The photo walk exceeded my expectations. Alistair was a superb guide, equipping is with lots of new skills, providing boundless enthusiasm, giving personal attention and tips when needed to capture the best shot. A very well spent couple of hours. I highly recommend Alistair’s tours if you want to explore how to get more out of your smart phone camera.
I’ve rarely used my smartphone camera so this tour gave me some enthusiasm and new skills to take some photos. The guide was great brilliant in fact as he paced it well giving everyone time to do do lots of shots and learn some editing skills. Barbican was a great venue for black and white shots.
An excellent Photowalk which I highly recommend. Alistair was a very good guide and tutor. He enabled us to use Snapseed on our phones to edit superb photos. He demonstrated what we needed to do and gave everyone personal attention with positive feedback. We explored areas around the Barbican making use of the evening light to get dramatic photos that we were pleased with. I learnt a lot and had an enjoyable afternoon.
Absolutely LOVED it! Learnt a lot of tricks on this tour. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Had a fabulous afternoon. Lovely friendly instruction. Very easy to follow. Learnt so much and loved all my photos. Tried to book another one via the website as soon as I got home but no availability for January. So I’m crossing my fingers for Feb. Have recommended to all my friends and family.
Alistair Hilton is great and I learnt a lot. Thank you.
The photographer was fantastic. I learnt new ways of taking photos of the skyscrapers. He was very inspiring and took us to beautiful places. Thank you for the great photo walk.
Another Brilliant Event by London Guided Walks I have wanted to learn how to take better pictures with my phone. Alistair was patient and helpful making sure that everyone got some really impressive shots. I would highly recommend.
A very enjoyable afternoon and learned a lot about smartphone photography.
Terrific! The time just flew by. Alistair was very informative, patient, good fun and had great teaching skills. I’m looking forward to using my newly learnt skills in other locations.
Thoroughly enjoyed the Smartphone Photo Walk. Alister was such a good + experienced teacher who gave his time to everyone.I learnt such a lot and have been using SnapSeed app ever since.I feel very fortunate that I can tap into such informative fun sessions.
This was an enjoyable and eye-opening tour. Our tour leader was clearly a practiced photography professional who helped all of us on the tour to improve our technique. He introduced us to software which we can still use and touched on the different considerations good photographers take into account before taking the shot. I enjoyed it and would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to capture moments on camera.
I really enjoyed this event. The leader was very knowledgeable and had planned the walk to maximise the opportunites for photo taking and editing. It was satisfying to learn a new skill and feel that my photo taking will have improved as a result of this event. I would definitely do one of these types of events again.
Superb. I got so much out of this walk and can’t believe what a lovely bunch of photos I had when I got home. Alastair is a great teacher and it was delightful to have such a pleasant amble along the Thames, in friendly company and being so creative! Highly recommend.
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