A Nosey Around Soho Walk

On this 90 minute guided walk we explore many nasal passageways of Soho and the West End including art installations, street art and body bits. Learn about the history behind some of Soho’s architecture, celebrities and facial features in an ever changing community.

  • Explore quirky Soho
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Qualified London tour guide
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90 mins linear walk


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Infinite wealth is nothing to be sniffed at. It’s a well known urban legend that if you find all seven noses of Soho you will gain infinite wealth. Saying that though, having since found all said noses I haven’t won as much as even a raffle. Will your fair any better?

Don’t miss out on this fantastically unique tour of one of the most exciting areas of London, packed with secrets, street art and great stories!!



A Nosey Around Soho Walk Reviews:

“A great walk with Steve around Soho and Covent Garden finding little cut throughs that I never knew were there. He was friendly and informative and I really enjoyed it” Caroline

“Fascinating lesser known facts shared while walking through less well known parts of Soho with warm, welcoming, informative guide.” Valerie

“Another fun and interesting walking tour with the delectable Heather. I didn’t realise why the walk was called ‘A Nosey Around Soho’, but the reason was intriguing – nose (sic.) spoilers here!” Christopher

“This was my second walk with Hazel and it was just as good as the first! Hazel is such an enthusiastic tour guide, full of good stories and anecdotes and she is so engaging with her audience. Even though
the streets of Soho were very busy, she managed to keep us all together and I learnt a lot of fun facts about the area which I would not have known about before. I will definitely be back for more tours with this lovely tour guide!” Jo

“An interesting and unusual way to learn more about the West End’s often overlooked street art. Hazel kept the tour lively at all times.” Eric




Your Guide: Stephen King / Hazel Baker