Quirky Westminster Walk

Prepare yourselves for a tour like no other as we explore the labyrinthine streets of Westminster in a quest for the curious, the quirky, and the downright peculiar.

Walks last 90 mins
Not step-free
Individual tickets £20

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Whether you are a seasoned Londoner or visiting the city for the first time, “Quirky Westminster” will reveal a side of the capital you never knew existed. This tour isn’t merely a pedestrian stroll through London’s streets; it’s an odyssey through history, filled with eccentric characters, architectural anomalies, and whimsical surprises.

Perfect for curious minds, this tour invites you to step beyond the familiar façades of Westminster and uncover a world bursting with fascinating anecdotes, historical quirks, and larger-than-life personalities. Book now for an experience that redefines the very concept of a ‘walking tour.’

Highlights of the Tour:
The Eccentricities of Art – We begin in the heart of Covent Garden at Floral Street, greeted by an unexpected ear-shaped sculpture on a wall. The quirkiness of this art piece sets the tone for the journey ahead, illustrating Covent Garden’s idiosyncratic spirit.
Histories and Mysteries in a Pint Glass – As we make our way down Rose Street, we’ll indulge in stories of London’s oldest pubs, juxtaposing their colourful pasts with the polished charm of contemporary Covent Garden. From bare-knuckle boxing to literary soirées, these establishments have seen it all.
Architectural Curiosities – Fascinated by buildings that defy convention? St. Paul’s Church has a surprise for you. Appearing backward in its construction, this architectural curiosity raises more questions than it answers and promises to challenge your perception of design norms.

Confined Spaces and Historical Places – En route to Trafalgar Square, prepare yourselves for an intimate stroll down Brydges Place—the narrowest street in central London. The constraints of this confined passage amplify its historical resonance, making it feel as if you’re stepping back into another era.
The Politics of Empty Space – Once in Trafalgar Square, we’ll delve into the stories behind the Carlton House pillars and the famous empty plinth. Learn about shifting historical perspectives that led to these anomalies and how they challenge the narrative of this iconic square.

Hidden Sculptures and Wartime Fortresses – A brief sojourn to Admiralty Arch will introduce you to an enigmatic nose sculpture. Moreover, the formidable Admiralty Citadel will regale you with stories of its strategic importance during the Second World War.
The Weight of Royalty – Discover the towering Duke of York’s Column and explore the ground that once was Carlton House, a site steeped in royal history and now replaced by imposing government edifices.
The Canine Conundrum – An unexpected detour to the ‘Nazi dog’ grave will leave you pondering the enigmas and social taboos surrounding wartime history.

Eccentric Ideas and Remarkable Lives – Step back into Georgian London as we discuss Dr Graham’s celestial bed in The Temple of the Hymen. We’ll also pay homage to the two blue plaques on Schomburg House, acknowledging Ottobah Cugoano and John Gainsborough—men who lived extraordinary lives.

From Rags to Royal Favours – Nell Gwynne, a Covent Garden character whose social ascent was as meteoric as it was intriguing, offers the perfect narrative arc to bring us back to our starting point.
Diplomacy and Intrigue – Finally, we’ll round off the tour at the site of the Texas Embassy, unveiling the fascinating diplomatic exchanges and international ventures that have made this area so enthralling.





  • Start: Covent Garden Station
  • End: Near St James’s Palace
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Suitable for 16yrs+
Your Guide: Philip Scott

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