Greenwich London Walk

Explore what might have become London’s Versailles. Enjoy some of the finest and most important buildings in England. Find out about a unique collection of world-famous buildings

  • Enjoy the hidden histories of gorgeous Greenwich
  • Meet other lovers of London’s history
  • Qualified London Tour Guide
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90 mins circular walk

Not step-free

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Come and see some of the finest and most important buildings in England.

Explore Greenwich’s magisterial and its seedy sides, and hear about its role in British architecture, science and politics on this fascinating guided walk in Royal Greenwich.

Greenwich was the ceremonial entrance to the capital from the river for centuries. It has some of the world’s most impressive architecture, while maintaining the feel of a village stuck in a great metropolis.

For those familiar with this part of London this is a chance to deepen your knowledge and find out about the cultural background to some iconic and less well-known buildings. For those who are new to Greenwich, this walk will enable you to fully immerse yourself in its rich history in world-class surroundings.

Greenwich was the site of one the most important Tudor palaces, and later of the Royal Naval Hospital where a collection of the greatest names in English architecture worked, including Wren and Hawksmoor.

The presence of the palace, and then the sailors ensured a rich and varied history for the town.

In the middle of the hospital is the Queen’s House, which introduced Italian Renaissance architecture to England, and in the park is the Royal Observatory, where Charles II’s Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed mapped the night sky.

As you explore the charming streets of Greenwich, make a note of the historic pubs for a post-walk drink. The walk ends across the road from Greenwich Market; perfect for unique gift shopping but it also has a fabulous food market; keep an eye out for the fish burger with a charcoal bun or perhaps, for the sweet-toothed amongst you, the chocolate stall or fudge shop may hit the spot.

Best for all ages 10+


Greenwich London Walk Reviews:

Ian was very welcoming. The meeting point was easy to find, and we set off on time. Length of tour 1 1/2 hrs is perfect. Ian is extremely knowledgable and I learnt quite a bit about the area/history. Brigitte


“Excellent guided walk. Informative and amusing. Ian managed to sound as if he was really enjoying sharing his knowledge with us, which is quite an art. Would definitely go on another tour led my him.” Gill


“Excellent guide, very knowledgeable and informative. I never realised that this part of Greenwich was so beautiful! ” Tony


“Ian is an excellent historian and guide of London walks. We always enjoy his talks and look forward to another one soon!” Machiko


“A very interesting walk with an excellent guide” Alan



“I really enjoyed the walk. Ian the walk guide gave as a very interesting tour full of history, architecture and anecdotes of the past and present of Greenwich. I highly recommend him. I have been in Greenwich many times but I did learn a lot yesterday. Very very good.” Clara


“Another great walk from London guided tours, this time by Ian, whom I have been with before and once again was impressed with his knowledge of the area and dates, he has an encyclopaedic memory, though, at times, the dates and facts can come a little too thick and fast. If you want to get a real feel for Greenwich the village, then please do go on this tour, you will not be disappointed, as a case in point, I never knew it had a power station!!” Gary


“I loved it as usual Ian is an excellent guide as all the team from London Guided Walks. I look forward to a next guided tour!” Claudine


“Pleasant walk with plenty of interesting facts about buildings and history of area” Mary


“Very pleasant and informative walk in Greenwich. Ian, the tour guide, is very knowledgeable about the area. Highly recommended.” Sameh


“A pleasant walk near the river with a knowledgeable guide, (Ian), who gave an interesting insight into the history of Greenwich.” Helen


“The Greenwich London walk that I went to yesterday was the first walk of this kind that I have been on but not the last walk I hope to go on as I am now hooked! The guide was superb, managing to present such interesting historical facts interspersed with fascinating stories and anecdotes. He made sure everyone could see and hear as we walked round and stopped at various points on the fascinating route amongst historic and beautiful Greenwich. He was very professional in his delivery and was obviously an expert on the area and its history. Altogether a wonderful and informative ninety minutes.” Teresa


“A very interesting walk. It was almost an “off-the-beaten-track” walk although we did not travel very far. The guide was very knowledgeable and he spoke concisely and clearly and he used a portable microphone so that we could hear him above the traffic and tourists. He provided his mobile number which was very reassuring in case of loss or lateness. It was a good way to spend a Friday lunchtime.” Fola


“A short walk but packed with lots of interesting information.” Lawrence


“Even though I’m local I learned lots more about Greenwich that I never knew. Our guide was very knowledgeable. Nice stroll around Greenwich on a beautiful day by the River” Angela and Cassie


“From the politics of architecture to the history of pubs – a fascinating blend of knowledge, delivered engagingly, clearly and audibly so every gem shared. Rivetting facts about Cutty Sark with philosophical echoes of the ship of Theseus, the basis of a thought experiment about identity; the paradox being, how many components can be replaced and still call itself the same? [as with Trillion in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Trigger’s broom in ‘Only Fools & Horse’ – King Crimson gets in just under the wire thanks to Robert Fripp’s Best kept secret is the real inimitably British reason for the defeat of the Luftwaffe. You’ll hear it here!” Rebecca


“Very interesting walk round Greenwich. Ian was very knowledgeable and his talk gave a fascinating insight into the history of the area with many facts new to us even though we know the area well. Thoroughly recommended. Will definitely look out for other guided walks in future.” Valerie


“What a fascinating insight into the history and architecture of Greenwich. Ian was very well-informed and his talk was interesting and easy to follow.” Marilyn


“Nice Greenwich tour, knowledgable guide.” Eden


“Our guide Ian knew Greenwich and its history inside-out and kept us entertained and instructed for a fascinating 90-minute tour of London’s answer to Versailles, with time for questions and tips about other things to look at in the town.” Robert


“Most interesting and informative. The guide, Ian, makes these walks a pleasure. Although I am familiar with this area I learned things that I would not have picked up elsewhere. Ian does a lot of personal research and has insights not found in guidebooks. Really worth attending.” John


“Another enjoyable guided walk. I have been to Greenwich a few times but this took me to new areas and Ian is very knowledgeable about the history of the area. I will go back as there is so much to see and take in – 90 minutes wasn’t enough!” Rosalind


“Always a pleasure to discover areas of London with Ian. Very insightful.” Veronique

Your Guide: Ian McDiarmid