Secret Spaces in the City Walk

Explore the serenity of the City of London with hidden places and gardens. Gain a new appreciation for public spaces and town planning.

  • Connect with the peaceful side of the City of London
  • Meet other history lovers
  • Qualified City of London tour guide
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

Individual tickets from £12

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If you thought the City of London was just stone, concrete, steel and glass be prepared to be surprised. With Susan, your qualified City of London guide, discover just some of its secret spaces including hidden gardens.

Hear the stories behind some of the oldest and newest green spaces. See how bomb sites became gardens or havens for nature. Find out about London’s oldest park, a disappearing church and look down on Roman ruins.

Be surprised at how much greenery there is in this the most ancient part of London and why it is increasing.

    • Start: London Wall, near Moorgate
    • End: St Paul’s Cathedral
    • Suitable for all age groups but all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Secret Spaces in the City Walk Reviews

“This walk was a delight, wonderful to see the signs of spring. I was surprised by gardens I had no idea existed, and I thought I knew the area around the Barbican. Highly recommended” Carol


“A really enjoyable and informative walk around the cities hidden gardens. Places you would never were there and the history behind them. The guide Sue was great, she knew her stuff and clearly enjoyed what she was doing. Want to do more of these!” David


“The sun was shining and continued to shine, as the 12 of us met Susan, for our “Secret Spaces in the City” guided walk. Meeting near Moorgate tube station, we were let around various “garden” spaces that had been created out of the devastation caused by bombs during the second world war. Susan provided a running commentary, giving a detailed history of the “spaces”; some owned by large companies, linked to the liveries (guilds) of the middle ages, others maintained by the City of London and incorporating sections of the old London wall. It was a very enjoyable and informative walk through the City; an eerily quiet and fascinating mix of old and modern buildings that makes you appreciate the areas history. Recommended.” Paul


“A very interesting walk and I learned a few new thing about the city of London . Susan was very informative and answered all the question. Very happy to do more walking tours with Susan. Highly recommend” Ulrich


“A great walk around hidden green spaces in the City of London. Susan was very knowledgeable and gave lots of interesting facts about the places she showed us. Sunday was the perfect day for this walk as the city was very quiet on the weekend.” Valerie


“The walk revealed many “hidden treasures” of the City of London which even frequent visitors don’t know about: Roman walls, secret gardens, medieval hospitals for blind homeless men, to name only a few. Susan the guide was very knowledgeable.” Catherine


“This tour showed us some beautiful and unique green areas in the City of London that we never knew existed. Although Tony & I haven’t strictly speaking worked in the City we used to visit a head office for our employer in Moorgate at least once a week, hence our absolute surprise at how much we missed on our own doorstep.We wont give away the locations but there was only one (amazing) green space we had visited before. And now that we know from our guide Susan this place looks particularly beautiful in May, we shall make a return trip. A relaxing experience, perhaps as this part of London is quiet and peaceful at the weekend.” Sarah and Tony


“This was an excellent walk, showing us things that I myself have walked past before but not aware of it.” Lawrence


“My husband and I really enjoyed this ‘Secret Spaces in the City’ walk. The guide, Susan, was very personable and very well informed on the history of the City. My husband used to work in the area which we explored and was pleased to find new green spaces he had not come across before. Highly recommend this walk with Susan.” Angie


“An excellent tour with lots of interesting history. Our guide Sue was very good indeed and gave just the right amount of information for me. I thought I know London pretty well but I went to parts I never knew existed. A lovely afternoon. Thank you.” Caroline

Your Guide: Susan Baker