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Burning of the Rumps at Temple Bar - William Hogarth, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Two Temple Place

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The cluttered appearance was once typical of churches in London before twentieth-century ‘improvements’ tidied up their appearance. Walk along Cornhill and you get a taste of what the City used […]

Could it be that their voices are but mere whispers in the annals of history? Enter Boudicca, the indomitable warrior queen of the Iceni tribe, whose tale escaped the realm […]

Today, Regent’s Canal stands as a tranquil escape for Londoners and tourists alike, offering serene boat trips, leisurely walks along the towpath, and fascinating lock operations performed by members of […]

The Royal Legacy of Trafalgar Square: Monarchs, Memorials, and ProtestsWelcome to the final instalment of our intriguing series exploring the indelible connections between the British monarchy and Trafalgar Square, one […]

Buckingham Palace is globally recognised as the heart of the British monarchy, transformed into a bastion of resilience and unity during this time of unprecedented conflict. It was within the […]

Flypasts, also known as flyovers, are a beloved part of British ceremonial tradition, showcasing the prowess and innovation of the Royal Air Force (RAF) while commemorating significant national events. From Aldershot […]

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