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Burning of the Rumps at Temple Bar - William Hogarth, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Two Temple Place

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There is a fine statue by Grinling Gibbons of Sir Robert Clayton on the northern edge of the site of St Thomas’s Hospital. The figure exudes an air of quiet […]

The European Allure of London’s Musical Landscape When Hector Berlioz, the French Romantic composer, uttered the words, “I am convinced that there is no city in the world where as […]

Discover the fascinating history of Thomas Beckett and the revival of the Beckett Pageant for London, a celebration of his life and legacy. This blog post explores the origins of […]

A Foray into the Role of Women in London’s History The City of London stands as a repository of multifaceted history and, significantly, as a witness to the untold contributions […]

St Pancras New Church was hugely expensive, costing £77,000. The money was raised by increasing the rates by the maximum possible of 4d to raise £40,000. The rest of the […]

The Iconic Symbol of Winston Churchill Winston Churchill is an emblematic figure in British history, often celebrated for his indomitable spirit and leadership during World War Two. Yet, alongside his […]

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