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In Victorian literature London is often described as a labyrinth or a maze; once you enter it’s hard to get out. Even though we may look back at the Victorian era with fond sentimentality Victorian London was a dangerous place especially after dark, with highway men and other scoundrel’s waiting to pounce on anyone crossing their path.

Our Victorian Covent Garden & Soho walk we delve into the world of Music Halls, the introduction of ice cream to the masses and the fortitude of Victorian engineering. We stand where the Thames used to dominate, count the fair maidens and take in the messy madness of one of the most famous London markets.


Upcoming walk dates:

Thursday 24th September, 7pm

Saturday 7th November, 3pm

Follow the Footsteps of Oliver Twist as he follows the Artful Dodger through London to reach Fagin’s lair as described in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.


Upcoming walk dates:

Saturday 10th October, 2pm

Wednesday 14th October, 7pm

Our Victorian walks


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