Top 10 London History Podcast Episodes

Have you ever wished you could jump in a time machine and explore different parts of history? With our London history podcast you can do just that!

Our episodes take you on a journey through the capital’s past, from ancient Roman times to the present day where you can learn about the 2,000 year history of London at your leisure.
Enjoy weekly episodes about London which most Londoners don’t even know, hosted by qualified London tour guide Hazel Baker from London Guided Walks.

There’s so much we simply can’t fit into our walking tours, no matter how hard we try.  We provide an in-depth look into various aspects of the city’s history. No matter whether you’re interested in hearing about famous landmarks, quirky historical facts or Londoners through history, this podcast has something for everyone.

You can enjoy learning about London wherever you are. You can be planning your first trip to London or a lifelong resident, there’s something for everyone in these fascinating audio episodes supported by images and full transcripts.

Put on your headphones and get ready to learn some amazing facts about one of the world’s most iconic cities. Here are the top 10 popular episodes:

Top 10 London History Podcast Episodes:

1.  Episode 1: Roman London: An Introduction

Episode 1: An Introduction to Roman LondonJoin London tour guides Hazel Baker and Ian McDiarmid as they discuss the history of Roman London and answer questions such as:

  • Does London’s history really start with the Romans?
  • Why did the Romans choose to build London?
  • When did the Romans come to Britain and why?
  • How long were the Romans in London for?
  • Did the Roman desert London?
  • How big was Roman London and how do we know this?
  • What kind of trade was going on in Roman London?
  • Did the Romans import wine?
  • Boudican Revolt of 61 AD
  • At Tower Hill station there’s a statue of a Roman Emperor, who is he and why is he there?
  • What of Roman London is there to see now?

Listen to episode 1: Roman London: An Introduction


  1. Episode 2: Fantastic Beasts in London

Episode 2: Fantastic Beasts in LondonJoin London tour guide Hazel Baker as she explores the history of some fantastic beasts in London.

  • What do polar bears, parakeets and pelicans have in common?
  • London is also home to a healthy population of ringneck parakeets
  • Polar Bear in the Tower of London
  • Exotic animal collections
  • Hans Sloan collection
  • Greyhound Racing

Get your coat ready, we are going back to the ice age before travelling time through Medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian London to visit some fantastic beasts!

Listen to episode 2: Fantastic Beasts in London


3. Episode 65: London Nursery Rhymes

Episode 65: London Nursery RhymesJoin host Hazel Baker and Cat Bateman from Little Folk Nursery Rhymes as they discuss London Nursery Rhymes.

Nursery rhymes include:

  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
  • Ringa, Ringa Roses
  • Three Blind Mice
  • London Bridge is Falling Down
  • Pop Goes the Weasel

Listen to episode 65: London Nursery Rhymes



  1. Episode 75: The Christmas Cracker – A Victorian Invention

Episode 75: The Christmas Cracker - A Victorian InventionJoin Hazel Baker as she looks at how the British tradition of Christmas crackers; how they began and then developed to become the traditional event we repeat each year.

We answer:

  • What is a Christmas Cracker?
  • Who invented the Christmas Cracker?
  • What made Tom Smith and his Christmas crackers so popular?
  • What was the world’s longest Christmas cracker?
  • What’s with the paper hats in Christmas Crackers?
  • Best Christmas cracker jokes

Listen to episode 75: The Christmas Cracker – A Victorian Invention



  1. Episode 4: The Crown Jewels

Episode 4: The Crown JewelsOver 30 million people have seen the Crown Jewels in their present setting at the Tower of London and are possibly the most visited objects in Britain.

Listen to London tour guide Hazel Baker discuss with London junkie Zoe Merritt some of the unknown details of the Crown Jewels.

Can you tell your diadems from your tiaras? What’s the oldest piece in the collection? What’s the most recent addition to the collection?

Listen to episode 4: The Crown Jewels






  1. Episode 64: Medieval Toilets in London

Episode 64: Medieval Toilets in LondonJoin host Hazel Baker and award-winning buildings archaeologist Dr James Wright as they discuss Medieval toilets in London.

We discuss:

  • Medieval names used for toilet
  • Public toilets in Medieval London
  • Signage Used
  • Public toilets on old London Bridge
  • Dick Whittington’s Whittington’s longhouse

Listen to episode 64: Medieval Toilets in London



  1. Episode 3: Childhood Foods

Episode 3: Childhood FoodsJoin London tour guide Hazel Baker as she explores her own childhood memories, those of fellow tour guide Ian McDiarmid and also those of her mother.

Food helps shape the identity of people’s whole life experiences. It’s a bonding ritual between friends, families and communities.

Can you remember a children’s birthday party you went to as a child which didn’t have food? No? Me neither. Being a child from the 1980s many of my memories are of psychedelic foods; bread and butter with hundreds and thousands, iced gems, pineapple and cheese on a cocktail stick and jelly and ice cream.

Listen to episode 3: Childhood Foods





  1. Episode 7: True Spy Stories

Episode 7: True London Spy StoriesHave you ever wondered how much of the James Bond stories are true? We all know 007 is a fictional character but the inspiration for the stories has to come from somewhere.

This episode includes how the secret service came about, the role of the secret service in World War I, where MI6 agents hung out in London and the intriguing story of the third man and the cost of being a double agent.

Listen to episode 7: True Spy Stories






  1. Episode 59: Big Ben

Episode 59: Big BenThe clock tower of the houses of parliament is not only an icon for London but for the UK. It’s a symbol for democracy and evokes a sense of national pride. It is also one of the Top 5 selfie spots in the world, along with London Bridge, Paris’s Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Coliseum. Learn more about this iconic tower and its history. 

Listen to episode 59: Big Ben







  1. Episode 91: Radical MP John Wilkes

John Wilkes was a radical politician and newspaper editor. He used poetry and  Magna Carta to mobilise public opinion, which helped him fight for many causes in his lifetime.

Join Hazel Baker as she talks with City of London tour guide Ian McDiarmid to discuss MP John Wilkes and his life in London.

Listen to episode 91: Radical MP John Wilkes







About London History Podcast

London History Podcast is a popular audio history series about London, its people, places and history. The show is hosted by Hazel Baker, an award-winning London Tour guide. The podcast has been downloaded over two hundred thousand times and is in the top 1% of all podcasts listened to globally. In each episode, Hazel shares the story of London through the centuries, from its Roman roots to the present day. Along the way, she brings the city’s history to life with stories of amazing people, fascinating places, and momentous events. London History Podcast is essential listening for anyone who loves London or wants to know more about one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

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