Tachbrook Street Market, Pimlico SW1

Tachbrook Street market is centred on Tachbrook Street, Pimlico SW1. Managed by Westminster Council, the core of the market lies between Warwick Way to the north and Churton Street in the south, half way towards Pimlico tube station to the south, where the Pimlico Garden Village walk starts, and just south of Victoria station, where the walk ends.

Map showing Tachbrook Street market annotated by Barbara Wright copyright Open maps www.openstreetmap.org


The decline of the area in the Victorian era can only enhanced the market which has survived today as a pleasant lunch or coffee stop especially the summer months. 

The area sports an array of market stalls largely dedicated to take away eating and I must say a particularly mean falafel at a very reasonable price, can be purchases among other foods. Westminster Council’s  pitch details, Asian, middle eastern, savoury waffles, Afghani, Thai, Turkish, Iranian, Moroccan, Palestinian, Jordanian, and Japanese food most days of the week except Sunday. Fishmongers and butchers, together with fresh produce suppliers of cheese and bread ply their trades alongside costermongers on a Thursday to Saturday. 

Take away food stall Tachbrook Street Market – photo by Barbara Wright
Further stall Tachbrook Street market – photo by Barbara Wright
Another stall Tachbrook Street Market – photo by Barbara Wright
Fruit and veg stall Tachbrook Street Market – photo by Barbara Wright
Fruit and veg stall Tachbrook Street Market – photo by Barbara Wright


In addition, there is an array of little shops edging the market, some unusual ones, a vintage clothes shop, at the top end near Vauxhall Bridge Road, a second hand camera shop, a tailor who does alterations, a cheese shop and gift shop as well as several indoor places to eat.

Shops at Tachbrook Street Market – photo by Barbara Wright
Pink shop Tachbrook Street – photo by Barbara Wright
More shops Tachbrook Street – by Barbara Wright


As you head south, there are a few shops on Churton Street and then there are two or three nice coffee stops and a couple of pubs built integral to the iconic 1960’s Lillington Gardens development, which we visit on The Garden Village of Pimlico Walk, along with a friendly little second hand market/coffee stop/exhibition space. One of the coffee shops is closer to Pimlico tube station.

The railway at Victoria brought definition to the area on Pimlico, or South Belgravia, as it was called, separating it more completely from Belgravia proper in the later Victoria era. This was at a time when much of the vast swathes of white stucco terraces, built by Thomas Cubitt for the great Grosvenor family down towards the Thames, could now be more easily accessed, not just by the better off with servants but also by people from farther afield looking to rent rooms.

White stucco terraces near Pimlico tube station bottom end of Tachbrook Street – photo by Barbara Wright

Definitely, the Tachbrook market is a place to visit if you are curious and or hungry, if passing through Victoria station some time, with an hour to spare.

Our Pimlico, a garden village walk, ends at Tachbrook Market, just in time for lunch if you book our morning walk. Book your ticket/s now.



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