Great Fire of London Walking Tour

Join us on a captivating journey back to the year 1666, as we delve into the events that forever changed London’s history. Witness the aftermath of the devastating fire that erupted in a bakery on Sunday, 2nd September 1666, leaving three-quarters of the city in ruins.

As we navigate the narrow streets of the City of London, our expert guide will lead you through a historical walk, detailing how the fire began and rapidly spread, causing unprecedented destruction. Discover who was held responsible for the fire and hear stories of those who bravely fought to save the city.

Learn how the Great Fire of London led to the development of modern building regulations that transformed the city’s architectural landscape. Listen to tales of people affected by the disaster and how some took advantage of the situation. Experience the emotional toll of watching your hometown burn to ashes, with the uncertainty of ever returning home.

This guided walk is perfect for history enthusiasts, architecture aficionados, and anyone keen to learn more about London’s rich cultural heritage. Join us on this fascinating walking tour and witness the transformation of the City of London from the ashes of a great tragedy.

Start: Monument Station
End: St Paul’s Cathedral
Suitable for all age groups.

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