London in a Day

There is no denying it, London is a fabulous city in which to live, work or to visit. As a London guide I have few tools but my voice, my stories and the streets of London in which to paint a picture as to how London has been in the past.

This 3 minute timelapse video called LapseLondon took 40 talented photographers a day to film. It shows the familiar iconic views of the City of London, the financial hub, the shopping triangle of Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street and the ever popular Southbank and London Eye.

Markets have been an essential part of any thriving community and three are also featured in this video; Southbank Christmas Market with it’s mini train rain for £4 a pop, Camden Market with La Porca where you can spend your Bitcoin on tender pulled pork and Jack Daniels sauce and Borough Market with Kappacasein Dairy producing some of the best Raclettes I have ever had.

It also shows a few places hinting at London’s past; the proud towers of Battersea Power Station, the Georgian accomplishment that is Regent’s Canal and the once bustling and beautiful Prince Albert Pub in Islington.

And that is where where guided walks in London comes in; to dig under the surface of some of London’s forgotten or at least not so well known stories of the past. We can’t stop London moving forward but who would want to? We just need to remember and celebrate the past in order to make the future even better.

Watch LapseLondon:

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