A Team of London History Experts

London Guided Walks is growing from strength to strength

As a solopreneur moving into a leadership role I wanted to get all our tour guides together and work on our core principles and our identity as London Guided Walks.

Wanting to set the right tone, instead of meeting in a pub (the usual hang out for London tour guides) we met at our office’s meeting room (bribed by sandwiches, coffee and cake).

In this session, complete with a colourful presentation and a whiteboard, we delved into the detail. We shared our stories of our own guiding experiences, building a firm working relationship and taking away key learnings.

We discussed and discovered our strengths, as individual tour guides but also as a collective. We know we are a team of London experts. We know we have the skills to share the historical stories of London. We know we are not only passionate about London history but that we also want to share that knowledge with as many people as will listen. That doesn’t mean we are going to be taking up residence at Speaker’s Corner any time soon but it got us thinking as to how we can help each other achieve that.

We are already making waves, building an authentic brand that not only will help us grow as a leading London Tour Agency but also provide a gold standard service to all our customers, no matter the guided walk or private tour they attend.

You can meet the team here.

You can read more about my Founder’s story here


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