Uncover the secrets of St James’s in this scandalous tour, known for its connection to Royalty and the aristocracy since the reign of King Henry VIII.

Today the media reports on some sort of scandal that involves politicians or a member of the Royal Family, and it was no different in the past.

St James’s is an exclusive area of London that just oozes in history!

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90 mins linear walk

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Secrets of St James’s Walk

On this guided walk we’ll hear how some of the individuals who lived and frequented the area, had a scandal or two reported by the press. Keeping the circles of society in which, they belonged supplied with topics of gossip to discuss in the drawing rooms, coffee houses and pubs in the capital.

From a Duchess whose marriage resulted in her every move being followed by the country, including her fashion and hairstyles, to a Queen whose husband wanted to divorce her in any way possible, which led to her name going down in history as the ‘Injured Queen of England’.

For the men of the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the private gentlemen clubs that saw them gamble their family fortunes on ridiculous bets. Then there was a ‘Beau’ whose meteoric rise to fame through his style, wit and manners would ultimately force him to flee his creditors, eventually dying in poverty.

If you like a good scandal that involves the privileged few, then this is the walking tour for you!


St James’s Walk Reviews

An excellent guided walk. The guide was very knowledgeable and demonstrated his talks with large good quality images from a file he carried. He didn’t use any notes and was able to answer any questions. I learned a lot from this walk and highly recommend it. Kathryn

Really enjoyed the walk, as always. Great information, knowledgeable guide Mark, also the good weather has helped. Galina and Steve


Excellent tour with an 18th c theme. Friendly and knowledgeable guide. George

Your Guide: Mark Unsworth