LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
LGBT+ Westminster Walking Tour
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LGBT+ London Walk

Join us for a captivating exploration of London’s vibrant LGBT+ heritage—a history too often overlooked yet deeply interwoven with the city’s cultural tapestry. As we traverse iconic landmarks and hidden gems, we’ll uncover the compelling stories of monarchs, politicians, and military figures, all the while amplifying the voices of everyday individuals who made meaningful contributions to the community’s progress.

Walks last 90 mins
Not step-free
Individual tickets £20

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Discover spaces that were once clandestine meeting points, offering a glimpse into the resilience and ingenuity of a community that thrived even in secrecy. Our journey will also illuminate the societal challenges faced by LGBT+ individuals, offering a nuanced perspective on how far we’ve come—and the strides still to be made—in the fight for recognition, acceptance, and equality.

Concluding the tour, you’ll leave not just with an enriched understanding of London’s LGBT+ history, but also with a newfound appreciation for the courage and determination that have propelled the community forward. This is more than a walk; it’s an invitation to step into stories that deserve to be told, honoured, and celebrated.

Immerse yourself in an enthralling journey through London’s diverse LGBT+ heritage as we traverse the capital’s landmarks and hidden nooks, each with its own unique narrative to share. This tour transcends mere sightseeing, offering you a nuanced look at the figures, places, and events that have shaped the LGBT+ community’s experience in London.

From the Stuart period to the present day, the complex relationships between monarchs such as King James I/VI and their favoured companions bring to light the fluid understandings of sexuality and the variances in societal attitudes across eras. These accounts, accompanied by the striking architectural feats like the Banqueting House, offer more than just royal grandeur—they provide snapshots of personal histories against a backdrop of changing norms.

Literary contributions to the LGBT+ discourse emerge as we delve into the legacy of Oscar Wilde, a seminal figure ostracised for his orientation yet immortalised for his wit and genius. His story, marked by both tragedy and triumph, presents a touchstone for understanding how ‘the love that dare not speak its name’ has since found its voice.

The courageous efforts of transgender and non-binary individuals are embodied in the tale of the Chevalier D’Eon de Beaumont, a trans fencer whose life challenges binary gender perceptions. In the same vein, the ever-transforming landscape of Trafalgar Square becomes more than a bustling plaza; it turns into a timeline that traces the journey of Pride—from its humble beginnings as a gathering of brave activists to the jubilant celebration it is today.

The wars that marked the 20th century serve as another focal point. Women who loved women, and the gay men who contributed significantly to the war effort, are commemorated. Here, we address the poignancy of figures like Alan Turing, a man who cracked the Enigma code yet found himself cracked by an intolerant society, and how his story eventually led to the establishment of ‘Turing’s Law.’

As we navigate the streets of Westminster, it becomes evident that progress is not confined to the past. Current legal milestones are highlighted, giving you an insight into how legal reforms have contributed to the complex mosaic of LGBT+ rights. Similarly, our tour takes a global perspective as we scrutinise the issues faced by LGBT+ communities in international and Commonwealth settings, offering a sobering look at the challenges that still remain.

In various nooks and corners of the city, discover the ‘molly houses’ and open spaces like St. James’s Park, that served as secret havens for men seeking companionship in times when such love was criminalised.

By the tour’s conclusion, you will have gained not just a broader understanding of London’s rich LGBT+ history, but also of the trials, triumphs, and ongoing challenges that continue to shape this diverse community. It’s an enlightening expedition that elevates lesser-known stories to the prominence they so richly deserve.

  • Start: Embankment Station
  • End: Parliament Square
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Suitable for 16yrs+
Your Guide: Philip Scott

LGBT+ Westminster Walk Reviews


Although quite a focused tour it covered many really important issues relating to the evolution of equal rights for the LBQT+ community and specifically progress made in the UK on this front. The tour touched on a number of our most famous historical London based characters obviously including the likes of Oscar Wilde. Although Philip our guide was both informal and friendly the walk was structured to provide an informative overview on many of the issues past and present standing in the way of full equal opportunity for this community. Interestingly a spotlight was also shone on the progress, or lack of, in the international context. I think it is also important to mention that Philip’s engaging style made it easy to have an open and relaxed discussion within the group on many of these issues.


It was fascinating to revisit familiar London landmarks afresh through tour guide Phil’s gay lens. Intriguing to explore the legacies of George Villiers, Oscar Wilde, Molly Houses and Geroge Canning. Phil skilfully wove a rainbow thread through the 17th & 18th centuries, Great and Second World Wars. Informative, enlightening and enhanced with a fun quiz, the tour itself was the prize, truly a winner!

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