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Dr Who Walking Tour

Are you a fervent fan of Doctor Who, the BBC’s groundbreaking science fiction series that’s been capturing imaginations for six decades? If so, we invite you to join David Turnbull, a renowned sci-fi writer, certified tour guide, and dedicated Doctor Who enthusiast, for an unforgettable walking tour. Unearth the long-standing connections between the show and London’s vibrant Waterloo and Southbank areas, birthplace to iconic characters and setting for memorable episodes.

  • See filming Dr Who locations
  • Discover peaceful gardens and unknown stories
  • Qualified Lambeth guide
Walks last 90 mins
Not step-free
Individual tickets £20

Book with confidence:

Exclusive Expert Guidance from David Turnbull: Navigate the intricate worlds of Doctor Who under the tutelage of David Turnbull, a renowned science fiction writer, qualified London tour guide, and devoted fan of the series. His multifaceted expertise promises a tour that goes beyond mere sightseeing, offering in-depth insights into the cultural, historical, and even political facets that have shaped this iconic show and its relationship with Waterloo and the Southbank.

A Unique Intersection of Sci-fi and Local History: This isn’t just a fan pilgrimage; it’s a rich cultural experience that integrates the fantastic elements of Doctor Who with the genuine history of the Waterloo area. From the birthplace of the 6th Doctor to the genesis of the Daleks, this tour weaves together the threads of real-life London locales with fictional universes, offering a one-of-a-kind exploration that satisfies both your fan cravings and your intellectual curiosity.

Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary: What better way to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science fiction series than by physically walking through its historical connections? As you journey through various locations featured in the show, gain a deeper understanding of elements like the Sonic Screwdriver, the Mandela effect, and the series’ unproduced movie. This tour encapsulates six decades of Doctor Who’s impact, making it a must for both longtime devotees and newcomers keen to understand the show’s enduring appeal.

Through this walking tour, David will expertly guide you through the cultural and historical layers that make up this iconic series and its intersections with Waterloo. From encounters with extraterrestrial beings near renowned landmarks to the local history that influenced the show, this tour promises a unique fusion of science fiction and real-world intrigue.

Don’t miss this unparalleled chance to combine your love for Doctor Who with the rich history of Waterloo and the Southbank. Secure your place now and be a part of this extraordinary trek through time, space, and London’s own fascinating history.

Your Guide: David Turnbull

Dr Who Walking Tour Reviews


I recently took David’s Doctor Who walking tour in Waterloo, and I must say, it was everything I’d hoped for and more. David’s grasp of both Doctor Who lore and local history was unparalleled, making for a seamlessly educational and entertaining experience. Encountering the Daleks on Westminster Bridge was an absolute highlight, and David’s exploration of the series’ cultural impact left me pondering long after the tour had ended. A must-do for any Doctor Who fan!


David’s guided tour was a masterclass in blending fact and fiction. I was especially captivated by the segment that focused on the internal BBC politics that influenced the series. I walked away not only a more knowledgeable Doctor Who fan but also more informed about the vibrant history of Waterloo and the Southbank. Highly recommended!


This walking tour is unique in its approach — it’s not often you find a tour that balances pop culture and historical elements so well. David’s storytelling skill kept us engaged as he delved into the diverse time periods and dimensions of Doctor Who. The moment we talked about the Sonic Screwdriver near the London Eye was unforgettable. A sublime experience!


I cannot praise David’s Doctor Who tour enough. His engaging manner and deep-rooted knowledge of the series and the Waterloo area were impressive. Learning about Charlie Chaplin’s influence on the Doctor’s second regeneration was an unexpected but delightful twist. Even non-Whovians would enjoy this carefully curated experience.


David is not just a tour guide; he’s an experience-maker. The way he linked the Mandela effect theory with the series was ingenious. I loved how the tour covered not only the show’s iconic landmarks but also offered an insider look into the local history of Waterloo. This is not a mere fan pilgrimage, but a sophisticated, multi-layered tour.


David’s tour was like stepping into a living encyclopedia of Doctor Who and London history. Each site we visited, from the Seacole statue to the Southbank, felt like a page out of a storybook. The little-known facts about the Doctor Who movie that never was added an air of mystery. All in all, an outstanding experience that shouldn’t be missed!

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