Classical Composers of the West End Walk

  • A classical music themed walk
  • Explore places where their music was performed
  • Qualified City of Westminster tour guide
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

Individual tickets £16

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A mainly classical music themed guided walk, touching on the lighter side, about composers connected with the Strand and some of the places where their music was performed.

Enjoy walking through Regency London with its wide straight streets and square. Marvel at the neoclassical theatre designed by architect John Nash before embarking on the Victorian centre for entertainment before finishing in iconic Covent Garden.

Hear how European influences, including George Frederic Handel and other notable composers helped secure the future of London’s increasingly sophisticated classical music scene and how that created popular offshoots in operetta and musicals.

On this 90 min guided walk covers a variety of classical composers but also theatre and opera productions plus some world-class performance venues in London’s West End.


Classical Composers of the West End Walk Reviews

“This was an enjoyable walk with more of London’s hidden gems revealed.” Terry


“An original and interesting walk” Claudine


“Perhaps more of a niche walk this was nonetheless very enjoyable.Barbara was a very knowledgeable and delightful guide who really looked after the group on what was a a hot day in a crowded part of London. As always It was good to see parts of London I had no idea existed and this walk also tied in with other walks I have done with Hazel in this area. Anyone who is interested in classical music will find this walk interesting, particularly those who appreciate Handel. Thank you London Guided Walks for yet another delightful experience.” Ian

My guide met me at Piccadilly and greeted me warmly. We chatted while waiting for others to arrive. I really enjoyed listening to my guide and was most impressed by the amount of knowledge she pass on about the composers and their backgrounds, both musically and socially. She was equally knowledgeable about the venues connected to these composers and their history. As we walked along the route from point to point she talked most interestingly about the composers’ music and answered whatever questions that gave rise to. Ann

The host made us all feel welcome and showed concern that we were all together and no-one went astray and that we were all comfortable. The pace was really good. It was very busy with people in the West End so the use of the microphone was good so that everyone could hear. It was really interesting and informative. The length of the walk was about right. It was a hot sunny day so any longer might have been too much. Virginia

Your Guide: Barbara Wright