FREE Music Festival at the Barbican

Music will burst from the Barbican and out across Culture Mile’s architectural gems with a line-up of artists for whom the boundaries between classical and contemporary, experimental and jazz are blurred – or never even existed in the first place.


Venues include:

  • Barbican Lakeside, Hall, Conservatory and Cinema
  • St Giles’ Cripplegate
  • Silk Street Music Hall
  • LSO St Luke’s
  • Museum of London
  • fabric
  • The Charterhouse
  • St Bartholomew the Great
  • Cloth Fair
  • St Bartholomew the Less
  • Piano Smithfield

From authentic medieval sounds to hypnotic minimalist masterpieces, there are over 100 sessions, installations and more to explore – and you can tap into any of them for free.

It’s the perfect opportunity to visit some of the venues I mention in my London guided walks.

See Sound Unbound website for more details

Hazel Baker is a qualified CIGA Tour Guide who delivers guided walks and private tours in London. View all of Hazel’s walking tours.


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