A Fabulous Start to 2020

We have had our busiest January and February to date.

Over the last two months we have delivered 22 guided walks and private tours to a total of 539 people, covering a mere 54.2 miles.

Ian’s Roman London walk has been very popular:

5 stars. This was my perfect walking tour. The group was the right size, I could hear everything the guide had to say. There was some walking (much preferable to ambling very short distances). The content was excellent: a mix of history, art and civilisation. I learned a lot of new things and made note of places along the tour I would like to visit in more depth on my own. This is everything I could ask of a London walking tour.” Maria

A very insightful walk with Ian, whose great interest in, and passion for, his subject shine through all he says.” Jan

Friends Emma and Ellie had a hoot on my Private Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts Tour:

Don’t miss out. Book tickets to join one of our London guided walks or book yourself a private tour.


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