Artwork on Tower Bridge

The bronze plaques with names alternate with decorative roundels that carry ornamental elements of Tower Bridge.

Pupils from The City of London Academy Southwark created the decorative plaques for part of their Art GCSE all under the watchful eye of artists and crafts-people from London Sculpture Workshop.

The plaques name a number of workers at Tower Bridge over the years, from highest to lowest:

 John Gass, Bridgemaster

John was the foreman during the construction of Tower Bridge. Once the project was completed it was John’s job as Bridgemaster was to keep the bridge operating. He was Bridgemaster for 35 years and retired at the impressive age of 78. He lived in the Bridgemaster’s House along with his wife and five children. You can still see the Bridgemaster’s House on the South side of the Bridge. It is now Grade II listed.

Hannah Griggs, Cook

Hannah had grown up in a workhouse in the East End and started work as a servant when 13 or 14 years old. She worked at Tower Bridge from 1911-1915. She married a train driver and left Tower Bridge after having a baby.

Eel plaque on London Bridge

As you walk across you will find a plaque depicting three eels. You can find out more about why there’s a plaque of eels on our London History podcast, episode 83.


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