True London Spy Stories

Have you ever wondered how much of the James Bond stories are true? We all know 007 is a fictional character but the inspiration for the stories has to come from somewhere.

During the Second World War, the James Bond author Ian Fleming was a Naval intelligence officer at the time involved in the Goldeneye operation. Goldeneye eh – seem familiar? Fleming oversaw two of the intelligence units, 30 Assault Unit and T- Force throughout the Goldeneye operations.

His wartime service experiences provided a solid background for his Bond spy novels. He vacationed in Jamaica every year and used this time to write his James Bond novels.

Listen to our London History Podcast Episode 7: True London Spy Stories as our tour guide Rob Smith shares more true London spy stories. Including how the secret service came about, the role of the secret service in World War I, where MI6 agents hung out in London. He also shares the intriguing story of the third man and the cost of being a double agent.


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