‘Sacred Bodies’ by Sara Burgess

Art in Nunhead Cemetery, 20 Feb – 22 April 2017


Nunhead cemetery hosts ‘Sacred Bodies’ by Sara Burgess her first solo exhibition of her metal sculpture work in an outdoor space. This art exhibition explores our connection between the inevitable physicality of our earthly, human existence and our violation to overcome suffering.


‘Iron Maiden’ is a stylised wrought-iron torso in a female form; highlighting the enduring discrimination against women throughout the ages and took 50 hours to complete. Burgess says ‘I was learning more about blacksmithing and scroll work, and practicing my welding and construction skills – figuring out how to weld the scrolls together was no easy task!’


What are the challenges of creating your metal sculpture work?

‘I use the superb metal workshop facilities at Pelham Hall, Morley College on Saturdays. If I had a studio with metal-work facilities I’m sure I’d be able to spend more time creating my sculptures.’


So what’s next for Sara?

‘I’m currently working on a small-scale maquette (model) of a torso with arms – it’s still headless though – and a cage door within the body with more delicate wire material and using brazing – a form of soldering. So watch this space!’


Catch with Sara’s work at Nunhead Cemetery which is open every day until 22nd April 2017.

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