Was Martha Tabram a Ripper Victim?

For many years it was not acknowledged that Martha Tabram (Turner) was a victim of Jack.

However, in a recent documentary Jack the Ripper Case Reopened, presented by Emilia Fox, star of Silent Witness with help from Professor David Wilson, a expert criminologist, they uncover many fact that point to the fact that Martha could have been Jack’s first victim not Mary Ann Nichols or Polly as she is better known. Calling this the ultimate cold case he carefully looks at the murders with cold case criteria and all the information that we have about serial killers today.

Although many of the murder sites have gone there is much that we can understand from the pattern of the killings

Professor Wilson points to the fact that the man must have been a local, someone who did not stick out who would have been noticed very quickly. He links Martha’s killing to the others although at the time her murder was not linked to other victims as she was seen with two soldiers before her killing. Martha was seen after 11:45pm near George Yard buildings with the soldier and her wounds could have been made by a bayonet, which neatly tied in with the type her 39 stab wounds.

Overkill to say the least, tying this murder in with the other later killings. Using HOLMES, the type of investigation used for cold cases today, taking all the information to create links between these murders he discovers that there are many common denominators, time of death, the multiple stab wounds and posing of the body. In view of this he has no doubt that Martha Tabram is the first victim. This point to the fact that the killer lived nearby, as murderers normally kill within a close range to where they live all the women are killed within about half a mile from each other except Mary Kelly who was only 1/3 of a mile from Catherine Eddowes the previous one.

I agree Martha was the first victim come and hear about her murder and the other five victims on my walk I also discuss the terrible social problems, poverty and degradation of the area at the time. Book tickets for my Jack the Ripper Walk now. Private tour also available here.


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