Victorian Covent Garden Walk

Embark on this 90-minute guided walk exploring the area around Covent Garden during the Victorian period.

The age of improvement is upon us. This is a walk of contrasts: narrow alleyways and open spaces., Victorian artists, engineers and entrepreneurs – this Covent Garden walk has it all!

  • Explore Victorian London
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • A walk of contrasts: narrow alleyways and open spaces


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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

Individual tickets from £15

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Embark on this 90-minute guided walk exploring Victorian Covent Garden during the age of improvement. We delve into the underworld of Music Halls, the introduction of ice cream to the masses and the fortitude of Victorian engineering.

Your professional tour guide will help you master the back alleys, away from the wide shopping street you can easily imagine the characters who lived and worked in the area.

You will explore some of the beautifully maintained Victorian gardens, discover their hidden secrets before venturing through some residential streets, once the homes for artists Samuel Clarkson and William Etty and workplaces for literature giants Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens.

Stand where the Thames used to dominate and take in the messy madness of one of the most famous London markets.

  • Start: Charing Cross Station
  • End: Covent Garden Piazza
  • Suitable for all age groups. Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Victorian Covent Garden Walk Reviews:


“Hazel is very knowledgeable and makes her tour interesting. I learned so much about places I have walked passed in the past without giving them a second thought. I especially liked the very interesting Covent Garden market artwork and working donkey plaque which I’d never noticed before. Hazel brings the past to life. A very interesting and enjoyable 90 minute walk.” Nick


“Really excellent guided tour – by cheerful and friendly guide – there was a lovely atmosphere on the walk. The guide really knew her stuff – which allowed her freedom to go beyond the facts and evocatively invoke Victorian London. At each stop, the guide invited the walkers to ask questions – which she always comfortably fielded – demonstrating her deep knowledge (but without the merest hint of showing off!) First Rate tour.” Clive


“Despite the appalling weather which started at exactly the same time as our tour, Hazel delivered a fabulous tour. Very much enjoyed learning lots of new information. Thank you!” Louisa


“A cold wet Sunday walk around the Covent garden area didn’t dampen our spirits yesterday. I’ve walked with our leader previously before Christmas and she is an enthusiastic knowledgeable lady .There were only a handful of us probably due to the awful weather , but they were a friendly bunch and we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip into Victorian nostalgia , there guides point out things on buildings you wouldn’t take any notice of ordinarily and lead you through back alleys steeped in history. highly enjoyable .” Meryl


“A wonderful walk around Victorian Covent Garden with the excellent guide Hazel. As a Londoner born and bred I’m fascinated by my city and always keen to learn new things and Hazel gave us a great insight into what went on in Victorian times, including the markets, music halls and the introduction of ice cream. Thoroughly recommended.” David


“In the film, Life of Brian, there is the immortal phrase; “What have the Romans ever done for us?” Well, if you want to know what the Victorians did for Covent Garden and in general, go on this tour. Led by Hazel, it was fun, witty and highly informative, I know more about Charles Dickens and where the names of the characters in Oliver Twist came from than ever before, nor that there was an electrical power plant in the area! If you want to know more, go on this tour.” Gary


“Informative and entertaining, Hazel gives excellent talks. What an enjoyable 90 minutes. ” Patricia


“I absolutely loved the walk and the stories that Hazel told so skilfully. It’s a great way to reconnect with the city even after having lived here for years.” Michaela


“First walk with Hazel and I would give her 7 stars for her animated delivery of wonderful information. I was just a bit concerned that she said the walk would be accessible via steps with handrails which is not really totally inclusive BUT she was fantastic. ” Jean


“It was so good to go on Hazel’s walk again. She’s just brilliant.” Khim


“This was a guided walk around this part of Victorian London, and it was very interestingly described by Hazel and very entertaining. she also managed to choose fairly shady spots for us to listen to her, as it was very very hot.” Ruth


“Hazel is brilliant to make history so interesting. Her tour was very interesting and full of life” Claudine


“Another wonderful walking tour with the equally wonderful Hazel! Once again an informative, entertaining and enjoyable 90 minutes. Looking forward to the next walk!” Susan


“An excellent event lead by Hazel who gives a lively account of all the Cultural, social & architectural places we passed. We walked in an area that I know so well but have now learned so much. She has a wealth of knowledge and any question asked was given a full and interesting answer. Highly recommend.” Judith


“Hazel has an amazing depth of knowledge which she communicates with enthusiasm. She does not just recite facts but is able to bring the past alive. It wasn’t a long walk in terms of distance but I learned so much at every step of the way.” Peter


“Had a really good time and learnt a lot of new facts I wouldn’t consider before about this part of London. Hazel is a great guide with a lot of energy, can’t wait for her other tours!” Ilona


“Very interesting walk/talk from Hazel I would recommend as you will learn a lot about London” Ray


“Great tour! Lovely guide with a lot of knowledge about the area.” Sophie


“A warm welcome from Hazel at the start of a very enjoyable afternoon walk which revealed many hidden gems in a part of London that I thought I knew well. Hazel was very well informed and dealt with many questions. Social distancing was not a problem even though the market was very busy. Highly recommended and I hope to go on another walk soon.” Margaret


“I thought I knew the Covent Garden pretty well but Hazel was so informative. She is a really enthusiastic guide and this is about the Victorian era. Some really interesting stories. Would recommend.” Rosalind

Your Guide: Hazel Baker