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Southwark Walk

Explore the history of the famous Borough Market and its surroundings. This walk will uncover the hidden histories of Borough and Bankside, from breweries to brothels.
  • Discover Roman London to present day
  • Follow in the footsteps of Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens
  • Qualified London tour guide
90 mins linear walk
Individual tickets from £15

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Embark on a captivating journey through the historical tapestry of Southwark, where each cobblestone holds secrets of centuries past. Our walking tour invites you to traverse the vibrant heart of London’s oldest district, unveiling the captivating tales that have shaped its character. 

Wander beneath the shadow of the Old London Bridge, a bridge that stood witness to the passage of time and the river’s stories. Stroll past St Thomas’s Hospital, a beacon of compassion and healing, and discover the fascinating artefacts within the Old Operating Theatre, where the echoes of medical history resonate. 

As we meander through the streets, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales come to life, and the spirits of Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, and Octavia Hill seem to whisper from every corner. Immerse yourself in the allure of age-old pubs, where lively stories and hearty laughter still reverberate within the walls. Marvel at archaeological treasures that have risen from the earth to tell tales of forgotten epochs, and stand in reverence by the mass graveyard, a poignant reminder of lives long gone. 

Behold the splendour of the last remaining galleried tavern in London, a portal to an era of elegance and indulgence. Delve into the footsteps of John Keats, a poet who found solace and inspiration amidst these very streets. And as we conclude, the iconic Globe Theatre awaits, a shrine to the immortal works of Shakespeare, beckoning you to relive the magic of his plays. Join us on this odyssey through Southwark, where history breathes, and legends live on.

Your Guide: Hazel Baker
Your Guide: Dr Stephen King

Southwark Walk Reviews

I absolutely loved this walk. Hazel is a great guide and she is very knowledgeable and considerate towards the elderly members of the group who could not keep up the pace so well. I managed to discover some hidden gems and whet my appetite for other walks! The walk dives into the history of Southwark starting with the name and is a fascinating journey through the social and architectural history of London.

Southwark Walking Tour

So, it had been a while since I had been on a guided walk with Hazel for several reasons and I was a little nervous, as things may have changed. But I need not have feared, yes, they have changed, but all for the better and the lady herself was just spectacular. An encyclopedic memory, but with wit, charm and laughter all added into the package, and what a package. I never knew about most of the things we saw, nor the history behind it all despite being quite a frequent visitor to Southwark. We walked past the Menier chocolate factory (now a theatre) without a mention, purely because it was of less interest than all the other things we were to see! What a great walk this was, but beware of ending at the globe, you will be surprised.

Southwark Walking Tour

Hazel was always a good guide. And so it proved today, as we walked familiar streets, but were given new facts about them - some of which contradict things I'd previously been told. Truly, the most interesting walk I've been on in a while - she jokes that nobody knows London like she does; she might just be right! Glad to have come on one of her tours again, at last.

Southwark Walking Tour

Our guide was knowledgeable and bubbly and made the walk fun and interesting. I learned a lot. Her reading of Chaucer's introduction to the Canterbury Tales was perfect!

Southwark Walking Tour

Great walk with a really interesting guide with a formidable knowledge of the history and geography of Southwark. If you fancy a 90 minute stroll with endless surprises then I thoroughly recommend.

Southwark Walking Tour

Another excellent walk with Stephen King. I was really looking forward to the walk having really enjoyed the “Nosey around Soho” walk and I wasn’t disappointed. Stephen is an excellent guide. So knowledgable and personable who really provides so much information. As always, hidden nooks and crannies were explored in this area which is rich in history. Anyone who is interested in this area south of the river who has the slightest interest in the (infamous) history of area will be fascinated. This is also a must for students of literature from Chaucer to Shakespeare to Dickens. For those who have never been on one of the London Walks programme please do so as this is an outstanding company with superb guides. There are very few left that I have not done and l can hardly wait for the next one.

Ian A
Southwark Walking Tour

We visited so many amazing historic spots, talked about Shakespeare, Choucer, Marlow, moods of those times, visited Crossbones graveyard and learnt its story. Passed the site of famous Anchor brewery, place of original Globe theatre all the while learning facts, legends and anecdotes about famous inhabitants. Great Walk a d a definite must for visitors and Londoners alike! Thank you to our amazing guide Steve!

Southwark Walking Tour

Another excellent walk, this time around Southwark.

Galina & Steve
Southwark Walking Tour

All I can say is these types of tours make it or break it with the guide. Our guide Stephen was excellent. He was not only knowledgeable but he was very enthusiastic and careful about portraying images of how the land and people were and behaved oh so long ago. He made sure we were all included and answered questions when asked. He even had a few books on hand that dispelled some myths about historical sites as we went along. Stephen to his credit was even nice to me- as I did arrive two minutes late from Woking Rail but he welcomed me to the group and I felt relaxed straightaway and felt included. The best thing is I have spent many years walking around the area and I found Stephen’s tour was a real eye opener! You definitely don’t need to be a tourist to enjoy this tour. Thank you, Stephen!

Southwark Walking Tour

This was a very interesting morning. I was definitely drawn into the historical history of the little streets near London Bridge where Stephen took us. I was especially amazed by the paupers grave where the bones were recently discovered. The site maidens lane where prostitutes lived. The old globe theatre where I could see the original cobble stones too. I really enjoyed the walk and talk. He was clear articulate and very happy to answer questions and enthusiastic . Recommended.

Southwark Walking Tour

Excellent walk! Steven is a very well informed and interesting guide who had fantastic knowledge of the area (and other parts of London), and was able to answer questions on a wide range of topics. I’ve lived in south east London for forty years yet I learned so much and went to places I’d never seen before (and some I’ve been to many times without noticing). I highly recommend Steven as a tour guide and this tour of a really interesting part of the capital.

Southwark Walking Tour

Old London Bridge

Nestled upon the ancient London Bridge, life was a precarious balance between bustling commerce and cramped habitation. Wooden houses clung to the bridge's structure, creating a surreal blend of habitation and thoroughfare. Residents endured cramped quarters and often squalid conditions, with narrow passageways meandering through the chaotic jumble of buildings. Overcrowding, waste disposal challenges, and the constant rumble of pedestrians and carts defined daily existence.

Roman Southwark

Step into the footsteps of ancient Rome on our Roman Southwark exploration. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this bustling district, where the past comes alive through remnants of Roman roads, artifacts, and stories. Led by expert guides, delve into the fascinating tales of commerce, culture, and daily life that once thrived in this Roman settlement. Unearth hidden gems, uncover archaeological wonders, and connect with the vibrant tapestry of Southwark's Roman heritage.

Elizabethan Southwark

The Globe Theatre

A beacon of culture and artistry in the heart of 16th-century London. Born from the imagination of Shakespeare and his fellow playwrights, this iconic venue brought their timeless tales to life under the open sky. A circular masterpiece where audiences were transported through the power of language and performance, the Globe remains a testament to the enduring magic of live theatre and its profound impact on the evolution of storytelling.


Geoffrey Chaucer

Southwark is a place intricately linked to Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English literature. Wander through the cobbled lanes and picturesque corners that once inspired "The Canterbury Tales," a timeless masterpiece that vividly portrays the stories and characters of medieval England. From the historic Tabard Inn to the striking Southwark Cathedral, each step unravels the essence of Chaucer's world, inviting you to connect with the literary legacy that continues to shape the heart of Southwark today.

Elizabethan London

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Southwark, where the echoes of Shakespeare's genius still resonate. Wander through cobbled streets and charming squares that once welcomed the bard himself, and discover the very essence of Elizabethan life. From the iconic Globe Theatre to the historic pubs that brim with tales of the past, Southwark's rich history intertwines seamlessly with the legacy of Shakespeare, offering a captivating journey into the heart of literary London.


Discover the literary world of Charles Dickens as you wander through the historic streets of Southwark. Follow in the footsteps of the iconic Victorian author, discovering the places that inspired his timeless tales and vivid characters. From the cobbled lanes that once housed Dickens' childhood home to the atmospheric inns that provided settings for his novels, this journey through Southwark unveils the connections between the author's life and his literary masterpieces, offering a captivating glimpse into the world of one of England's greatest storytellers.

18th century

Crossbones Graveyard

This hallowed ground, once a final resting place for outcasts and marginalised individuals, carries the weight of centuries of history and collective memory. As you step into its sacred confines, you'll be transported to a time when this unassuming patch of land held the stories of those society had cast aside.


Octavia Hill

Discover the indomitable spirit of Octavia Hill as you explore the vibrant streets of Southwark. A visionary social reformer, Hill's legacy resonates in the very fabric of this neighbourhood. From her pioneering efforts in affordable housing to her commitment to green spaces and community, Southwark's essence is intricately woven with Hill's passion for a better society. Walk in her footsteps and be inspired by her enduring impact on urban life during a captivating journey through the heart of Southwark.


General Haynau

Known for his controversial role in suppressing the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and his ruthless actions, Haynau's presence in Southwark serves as a reminder of the complex intersections between power and morality.

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