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Medieval London Walk

A thriving Medieval city of commerce and culture – who could ask for more?!

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  • Qualified City of London tour guide
90 mins linear walk
Not step-free
Individual tickets £20

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Welcome to our Medieval London walk, a journey through time to explore the rich history of one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in medieval Europe. On this guided tour, we will delve deep into the daily lives of Londoners during this period, uncovering the secrets of how they made their livings, how religion permeated their lives, and how they had to put up with some pretty strong smells.

London during the medieval period was a city unlike any other. It was a place of great contrasts, where the wealthy and powerful rubbed shoulders with the poor and downtrodden. It was a city of opportunity, where hard work and determination could lead to great riches and success. But it was also a place of danger, with disease, crime, and violence never far away.

As we walk the streets of medieval London, we will discover the fascinating stories of the people who lived and worked here. We will explore the markets and guilds that were the lifeblood of the city’s economy, and learn about the trades and professions that thrived in this bustling metropolis. We will also examine the role of religion in medieval London, and how it permeated every aspect of daily life, from the magnificent cathedrals and churches to the humble chapels and shrines.

But perhaps most of all, we will experience the sights, sounds, and smells of medieval London. We will explore the narrow streets and alleyways that were home to some of the city’s most notorious characters, and discover the secrets of the city’s many taverns and alehouses. We will also encounter some of the less pleasant aspects of medieval life, such as the overwhelming stench of the city’s open sewers and the constant threat of disease and illness.

London during the medieval period was a place of contradictions and complexity, and on this walking tour, we will bring its many facets to life. Join us on a journey through time, and experience the excitement, richness, and danger of one of the most remarkable cities in history.

  • Start: Cannon Street Station
  • End: St Paul’s Cathedral
Ian McDiarmid

City of London Tour guide: Ian McDiarmid

Medieval London Walk Reviews

Ian is a knowledgeable and engaging guide who takes us to a number of sites in the city that show traces of life in medieval London, including, narrow curving streets, church ruins, synagogues, guilds, and Dick Whittington's House. His broad ranging topics include religion, immigrants, guilds, fires, and toilets. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative tour.

Medieval London Walking London Tour

First walking tour around London, where I’ve lived & worked for 30+ years. This was an interesting walk around streets I thought I knew. Ian our guide said at the outset that there was little of medieval London left, but his telling of the history at the time, at spots around the city brought it to life. The walk was brisk in moving from one spot to the next but I believe its quite doable for the majority of people. For those with a passing interest in the history of our great capital I would happily recommend it.

Medieval London Walking Tour

Magical day, really. Thank you Ian.

Medieval London Walking Tour

An excellent tour. Ian started promptly and was clear and informative. My partner, who studies the mediaeval period, found it very informative – as I did too. Very interesting and engaging. I really like the way Ian repeated any questions to make sure we all heard them before answering – high quality presentation skills. His answers were clear and to the point.

Anne B
Medieval London Walking Tour

Another excellent walk and talk. Super guide, knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining. Pace was good. Time to look around, take pictures, listen, ask questions and keep to time. Thank you. Thoroughly recommend.

Medieval London Walking Tour

Fascinating insights into the guilds and the lives of Medieval Londoners in the heart of the city, with observations about architecture, life-style and infra-structure. Most enjoyable.

Medieval London Walking Tour

I have been on several of Ian’s tours and each has been a delight. I can highly recommend the medieval London one, it is so easy to just go in circles in the city, trailing around busy roads and dull modern buildings. This tour shows you exactly where to find the gems plus a fascinating introduction to medieval London. Not to be missed.

Medieval London Walking Tour

An enjoyable and informative walk – an easy walking route suitable for all abilities . I love finding out the history of our wonderful city and a fun way to spend 90 mins . The meeting point outside Cannon St station is easy to find and the finish point at St Pauls is perfect for post walk lunch spots.

Medieval London Walking Tour

This is my third guided walk with London Guided Walks and my second with Ian. Ian is super-knowledgeable and erudite. I feel that he sometimes has trouble reining in his enthusiasm – he clearly knows much more than there is time available to share his knowledge. I’m not sure how this walk could be improved except to make it 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours!

Medieval London Walking Tour

Most enjoyable and informative walk. Ian our guide was so knowledgeable about medieval history. Highly recommended.

Medieval London Walking Tour

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