King’s Cross Walk

Explore the area of King’s Cross. Discover an area undergoing dramatic change. Follow in the the footsteps of Charles Dickens and Poet Laureate John Betjeman.

This is a guided walk of contrasts; from the old to the right now.

  • Uncover a fascinating history
  • Enjoy quiet side streets and open spaces
  • Meet other adventurous souls
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90 mins linear walk

Not step-free

Individual tickets from £15

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This is a guided walk of contrasts; from the old to the right now. King’s Cross is an area which is still a work in progress.

Your tour guide Ian will lead you through Georgian side streets and beautiful crescent, sharing stories of literary greats such as Charles Dickens and Poet Laureate John Betjeman among others.

We meet at Euston before embarking on a 90 minute tour exploring the hidden histories of the area of King’s Cross including an iconic hotel, station and a library.

  • Start: Euston Station
  • End: King’s Cross Station
  • Suitable for 14yrs +


King’s Cross London Walk


“The King’s Cross Walk gave fascinating insights into a variety of different aspects of life in the area, giving an interesting over-view of the influences that shaped it. Ian is a fluent speaker and wears his erudition lightly, weaving the disparate threads into a most enjoyable tour. Highly recommended.” Marilyn


“This was a great Walk and Talk that covered the history of Euston, St Pancras and King Cross Railway stations as well as some of the surrounding building in that area. The host was very knowledgeable about the subject and was happy to answers questions raised where he was able too. The walk was conducted at a very good pace and all in the group were able to keep up. I found it very enjoyable.” Sylvester


“A very interesting and pleasant walk that made this overlooked part of London come to life with historical anecdotes. Ian was a great guide, both knowledgable and humorous” Sonia


“Ian was a great guide and brought insight and humour into a terrific journey around Euston and King’s Cross. I’ve lived in London for decades but discovered streets and sights I’d never visited before.” Karen


“Ian’s walk around Kings Cross was really interesting. He carries a small mike so despite the noise of the traffic it is possible to hear what he has to say quite clearly. He has looked into the facts and figures and done his research. He was able to build a picture of what the area looked like during various centuries. It was a really enjoyable tour and we are looking forward to going on other walks with him in the future.” Lorraine


“Brilliant walk! Ian was really informative and engaging and showed parts Kings Cross that I didn’t know. The walk was of right length and time. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!” Hitesh


“I thought I knew Kings Cross pretty well.. turns out I didn’t. This is a fascinating walk covering quite a short distance. The history behind the Euston Road was so interesting. It’s always a treat to see the beautiful St Pancras-now I know it’s history it’s even more compelling. Great tour guide who clearly has a passion for London and an eye for detail. Much recommended” Suzannah


“For a bitterly cold and wet lunchtime our guide did a great job in keeping us moving and out of the rain where possible. His stories illuminated more about the history of the area around Euston Station and Kings Cross than I was expecting and have inspired me to return to visit the locations again when the weather is a little warmer. It was nice to meet other people on the tour also, and there was time to chat as we strolled around. Although we didn’t cover a huge distance, I think a comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must.” Catherine


“Informative and kept interest despite pouring rain. Guide enthusiastic and professional.” Jane


“Very interesting walk led by Ian despite the weather.” Sue and Brian


” very informative and interesting walk. Highly recommend it!” Phillipa and Tim


“A very enjoyable walk. The guide was very knowledgeable about the buildings and gave a good explanation of the history of the area. He was also very clear despite the noisy traffic.” Marie


“I enjoyed the walk I know Camden well. It was interesting. My friend from outside London really enjoyed it and found it very informative. I would recommend it for everyone even people like myself who live in Camden.” Frank


“A very interesting Walk with a knowledgeable and animated guide. Iain is very widely read and excitedly communicates his passion for his subject. He brings the descriptions to life by communicating his personal perspectives on the stories. Woburn Walk was a wonderful revelation to so many of us in the group. How can we have not discovered before this gem of a shopping street?! So looking forward to another tour with Ian.” Jan


“An informative and very enjoyable with an excellent guide.” Amanda


“What a fantastic experience! Our guide was so knowledgeable and opened our eyes to things we’d walked past many times. You don’t have to be a tourist to benefit from one of these walks!” Amy


“A fascinating and informative insight into the history and changes behind this recently renewed part of London, which dovetailed very nicely into the other walks Hazel does around Islington. The walk was well paced, the guide always audible – even above the Euston Road traffic! and also open to questions and chats. A very nice afternoon out.” Barbara


“Excellent walk around kings x and Euston . Very informative guide. One and a half hours really well spent. Will definitely try and go on more” Janet


“Really enjoyed the walk. The guide was very knowledgeable and was audible throughout the walk as he was miked. He waited for everyone to catch up and held my interest through out. I found the information fascinating and would definitely go on more of his events.” Anne


“Ian was informative, knowledgeable, succinct and gave a very interesting tour. He got everything just about right – no information overload and timed to perfection and took us to hidden nooks and squares we did not know existed as well as the historical background. Excellent.” Stella


“Ian, our guide, was very informative. I thought I knew the area quite well but there are hidden areas that are just delightful. He covered the history of the area. Its amazing how you can walk around an area on your own and actually miss these ‘gems’. Well worth doing. Not a strenuous walk at all. Would recommend.” Rosalind


“Really interesting walk with an extremely knowledgeable guide. Shall definitely check out their other walks.” Teresa

“This is an interesting, informative walk around the Euston/Kings Cross area. I learned a lot even though I had worked in the area for 30 years. 7 or 8 main information stops, quite a short walk, took just over 90 mins. The leader Ian knows his stuff, easy to hear him despite the Central London ‘noise!’ Would recommend if you want to know more about this area/London, both past and present.” Anne


“I have walked around this area for years thought I knew it pretty well. However I discovered a row of stunning C19 shops and a wonderful C19 terrace I had never come across before. When visiting old friends like the British Library and the mainline stations I discovered lots of new facts and saw them in a new light. The guides historical knowledge was superb, his approach was friendly and informative.” Stephen


“Thoroughly interesting and enjoyable walk with Ian. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and I learnt a great deal about what may be described as a lesser known part of London. Would thoroughly recommend this walk and look forward to going on other walks in the future.” Ian


“Despite the rain this was another interesting walk including some areas i didn’t know about. If it had been better weather I would like to have had a slightly longer walk and finished a bit further on at Kings Cross by the canal where there is new development and learnt about the history.” Geoffrina


“Very much enjoyed this very informative tour. I highly recommend.” Veronique


“Very informative – recommended” Jane


“We tend to think of Euston and Kings Cross as perhaps places we pass through to use the rail station, on occasion we have seen a show at the Shaw Theatre or an exhibit at the British Library. This walk/talk brought the area to life and told us about its fascinating history as a residential district and how modernisation has created attractive restaurants and places to visit. One of the good features of the walk is that we were given tips about excursions we could organise ourselves in the future, maybe a visit to a large and historic church crypt followed by a meal at a converted German gymnasium connected to the present day Olympics. Our guide managed admirably with a few enthusiastic football fans we met on our way and a sprinkling of rain too. Definitely recommended.” Sarah and Tony





Your Guide: Ian McDiarmid