Clapham Common Walk

This is a guided walk for locals and visitors to uncover the bits of Clapham Common that usual go unnoticed.

  • Explore uncommon Clapham
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Get to know some if its most infamous residents
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90 mins circular walk

Step-free, involves cobblestones

Individual tickets from £15

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Slave traders, David Bowie and the statue that almost broke London Bridge – there is more to Clapham Common than meets the eye!

Clapham Common is a beautiful park in London that is rich in history. If you are looking for an interesting and educational way to spend an afternoon, consider taking a history-guided walk around the park with a qualified London tour guide. You will learn about the fascinating past of Clapham Common and see some of the most important historical landmarks up close.

The walking tour will also give you a chance to meet other like-minded people who are interested in exploring London’s rich history.

Your tour guide Dr. Stephen King, will expertly lead you through a real London neighbourhood and help you trace the area’s development, meeting some of its famous and infamous residents along the way

  • Start and end: Clapham South Tube Station


Clapham Common Walk Reviews:


Had such a fabulous afternoon. Steve was a wonderful guide – interesting and knowledgeable. The walk was a great pace and it was so nice to be somewhere so green and away from people and traffic. Have already booked another for a few weeks time. Julia


I definitely enjoyed the tour. The tour guide was brilliant, lively, well prepared, knew the history of the are and excellent delivery of it. I would surely recommend it to others. Myrtle


It’s a delight to write a review. I thought that I knew most of what there is to know of Clapham – but, no. So interesting, so informative – he really had noticed so many small details. Thank you. Dominic


Stephen delivers such an interesting, clear and enthusiastic talk that will brighten up the day no matter how rainy and windy. Barbara


Brilliant brilliant History Walk on Clapham Common with Stephen. As someone born and raised in Clapham there was many things I learnt on this informative tour. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Mary


Loved it. Steve answered all questions, made us laugh, knew loads – and I don’t think we grazed the surface of his knowledge. It was a great walk, well timed and very satisfying. Emma

Your Guide: Dr Stephen King