The Fashion for French Chefs

The Craze for French Chefs in Regency Britain

The allure of French cuisine was in full swing during the Regency era in Britain. Our guide to this trend, Paul Couchman, known as The Regency Chef, shares some insights about the intricacies of having servants during the 1830s, particularly focusing on the role of French chefs.

French Cuisine: A Royal Trendsetter

Paul Couchman: “The craze for French chefs really took off in the 1700s. If you were someone of importance, you would hire a French chef. The most renowned French chefs even worked for royalty, like the Prince Regent at the Brighton pavilion, creating exquisite menus. Naturally, what the Royals did, everyone else aspired to emulate.”

Indeed, hiring French chefs became standard practice, either on a permanent basis or just for a single dinner party. The presence of these culinary professionals, however, often sparked tensions within the household staff.

The Dynamics of the Regency Kitchen

Paul Couchman paints a vivid picture: “You can imagine how the regular cook would be quite upset to have a French man suddenly arrive and take over the cooking for the evening. It would have been fascinating to witness these household dynamics.”

Moreover, wage disparities between male and female staff members, and between domestic cooks and professional French chefs, further complicated matters.

The Value of French Chefs in Regency Times

“Men were paid double what women earned during this period. A French chef, then, could demand even higher wages than a typical male cook. The sums spent on these chefs must have been substantial.”

Stories about families ‘poaching’ French chefs from each other were widespread, highlighting the prestige associated with having such a servant.

The Servant Dilemma in the Regency Era

The struggle to find and retain good servants was a common issue in Regency times. Employers would often try to lure away skilled cooks or housekeepers from their friends or acquaintances during social gatherings.

“There were always discussions about the ‘servant problem’, finding good help and especially retaining them. There are many stories and newspaper reports about servants stealing, refusing to perform certain tasks without additional pay, and other related issues. Keeping a servant wasn’t as simple as it might seem.”

The Impact of French Chefs on Regency Britain

Through the lens of the Regency Chef, we gain a unique perspective on the impact of French chefs on British society during the Regency era. The era’s obsession with French cuisine had far-reaching implications, from social status and prestige to the dynamics of domestic life.

For more fascinating insights into the flavours, fashions, and food of the Regency era, be sure to tune in to our London History Podcast: Episode 55: The Regency Cook.

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